Our selection of the warmest & best winter gloves


July 10, 2023


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Best winter gloves

There’s nothing worse than having cold hands as you’re trying to enjoy your favourite outdoor activity. Fingers can become numb due to poor circulation, breathability or the humidity, and this can even become quite painful whenever blood flow returns. To help you keep your extremities warm while hiking, skiing, running or riding on a snowmobile even in the midst of winter, our SAIL specialists have prepared a list of the best winter gloves, mittens and heated mittens out there.

In this article, you will discover the warmest gloves and mittens for most winter sports, including:

  1. The most versatile gloves
  2. The warmest gloves for both men and women
  3. The best heated gloves
  4. The best gloves for running and cross-country skiing
  5. The best touchscreen gloves
  6. The perfect accessory for your gloves and mittens
  7. FAQ

The most versatile gloves

Swany is the ultimate brand when it comes to winter gloves and mittens. Founded a quarter of a century ago by American skier Bill Dzierson, the brand has always focused on warmth and durability, and on ensuring athletes’ hands remain warm and comfortable.

Amongst Swany’s flagship models, you’ll find the Falcon 2.1 gloves for men. Made with waterproof and breathable technology, this model can withstand harsh winter conditions, whether you’re in the city or up on the mountains.

Women looking for versatility can turn to the X-Change model, which offers unparalleled protection against the cold, has a soft interior lining, and an outer shell that resists wear and tear.

Swany Falcon 2.1

The warmest gloves for both men and women

When it comes to creating the warmest gloves and mittens, two other outdoor brands stand out. Outdoor Research is one of them. The company is well known amongst mountain climbers, mountaineers, skiers and hikers. It focuses on keeping adventure seekers’ hands comfortable and protected, and constantly comes up with ingenious thermal technology.

Such is the case with the Alti II Gore-Tex mittens for men, designed for the most extreme of conditions. It is the warmest model in the entire Outdoor Research range, and features a waterproof and windproof Gore-Tex outer shell, as well as a removable insulated inner lining made with PrimaLoft insulation to keep your hands as warm as possible.

In the women’s category, the Gore-Tex Timeless model from Canadian brand Kombi wins the prize for warmest gloves. All the brand’s products are proudly designed and manufactured in Canada, and stand out from the competition thanks to their innovative thermal technology. The Timeless gloves are made using PrimaLoft insulation, which is combined with the brand’s +Gore Warm technology and a wool blend lining. Even the most cold-sensitive hands will be protected from bad weather. 

 For additional tips on the best winter equipment, read our article on the five winter accessories to help you enjoy the cold season to the fullest

Outdoor Research Alti II Gore-Tex

The best heated gloves

Are you looking for a high-performance model of heated gloves? Look no further than the Blacksmith for men, from Mobile Warming. The brand specializes in heated gear, all of which is powered by a built-in battery. The Blacksmith gloves have a set of ultrathin rechargeable batteries located in each cuff, and they provide up to 8 hours of heat per charge. Warm up instantly with the push of a button!

Mobile Warming Blacksmith

The best gloves for running and cross-country skiing

For those who associate winter with outdoor fun and sports challenges, a pair of gloves that are both warm and breathable is an essential piece of gear, whatever your chosen activity is. Cross-country skiing, running or even hiking enthusiasts should equip themselves with some Borealis Beck lined unisex gloves, which are a good option for every budget. They also provide comfort and protection against the elements.

Borealis Beck

The best touchscreen gloves

Tired of taking off your gloves or mittens every time you have to answer a call, send a text or map out your route? Opt for a touchscreen-compatible model. Amongst those that work best with cell phone screens, we recommend the men’s Apex Etip gloves from The North Face, equipped with a windproof material on the back and Heatseeker insulation on the palm of the hand.

The North Face Apex Etip

The perfect accessory for your gloves and mittens

Part of the Borealis range of snow gear, the merino wool liners will perfectly complement your winter kit. They provide an extra touch of warmth for your hands by adding an extra layer, which is particularly effective during winter in Quebec and Ontario. Merino wool is also breathable so your hands will stay dry during moderate to intense activity.

Borealis Merino Liners


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