5 Winter Accessories to Help You Enjoy the Cold Season to the Fullest


November 19, 2021


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Winter Hiking

It’s harder to love winter if you’re freezing to the bone each time you step outside. To enjoy this magnificent season fully, we often underestimate the importance of dressing warmly. It’s essential to layer it up and add winter accessories to keep you warm and dry, depending on the activity you are about to do.

Nix the chill and keep the family warm by setting your sights on these five must-have winter accessories designed to combat the harshness of winter.

  1. Gloves and mitts
  2. Scarves and neckwarmers
  3. Socks
  4. A tuque
  5. Hand warmers, foot warmers and other heated winter accessories

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1. Water-resistant gloves and mitts

Although gloves can be practical for handling small objects, your fingers will freeze more easily being separated from one another. Mittens, on the other hand (no pun intended!), distribute heat between the fingers evenly as long as they are not too large for your hands.

Look for gloves and mittens made in water-resistant and humidity-resistant fabrics, and lightweight, windproof and breathable materials.

Heated gloves and mitts also exist for those who must spend several hours outside without moving around much (waiting for the bus or for birding, for example) and others that are convertible into either gloves or mittens. And, good news for the techies that need to handle electronic devices, most brands design their gloves or mitts to be compatible with touch screens. So, no need to remove your hand from your mitt to answer your phone, textured tips are conveniently placed on the thumbs and forefingers.

Also consider your level of resistance to the cold and choose the best gloves or mittens according to your needs, heated mittens, or mittens and winter gloves made of leather or down, etc.

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2. Scarves and neckwarmers: winter accessories that keep out the chill

Scarves, neckwarmers or balaclavas, the important thing is that the sensitive skin between your head and your heart remains warm. For high-intensity sports, select thin, breathable fabrics, and thicker materials like wool for more calm outings and low-intensity sports.

For children, the best choice is often a balaclava made of polyester because it’s soft to the touch and does not scratch their more-sensitive skin. It’ll also stay in place throughout an entire snowball fight!

In every case, make sure the material that will go around your neck is completely dry before wearing it, and don’t be shy to adjust it during activities, making sure that the cold doesn’t stand a chance.

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3. Moisture-wicking socks

As soon as we step out of the house in the winter, we should be in the habit of bringing along an extra pair of socks.

When our feet freeze, it’s often because the socks that we are wearing were worn around the house beforehand, where heat from the feet caused humidity in the fabric. Although mild, this little bit of humidity can be enough to freeze your toes! To remedy the situation, change your socks as often as possible and pick up some socks in merino wool or other ultra-insulating materials, which allows your feet to breathe – even in your boots!

4. A tuque with a good fit

So, you’ve fallen in love with a synthetic pompom tuque that’s as soft as fox fur? Great! But, before stepping up to the cash, make sure that your hat fits your head well to avoid letting the heat escape. You want your hat to be stylish, and warm! Fleece lining, foldable edges, or ear flaps are great options when the north winds are blowing. And, to avoid freezing pointlessly, remember to put your hat on before you get outside, and not once you’re already out there!

Finally, make sure that your tuque offers good breathability so you don’t sweat too much. This will prevent you from wanting to remove it for a little freshness.

Men’s tuquesWomen’s tuquesKids’ tuques

5. Convenient hand warmers, foot warmers and other heated winter accessories

Always afraid of catching cold? Why not try out some heating accessories? Hand warmers, foot warmers or rechargeable heating insoles are great options when you will be spending extended periods of time outdoors. They can be used anywhere and slide in easily to keep you warm in a pinch.

However, be careful not to over use these, because if your hands or feet get too hot, you may sweat and create humidity inside your boots or mittens. Watch out for humidity; it is winter’s real enemy, much more than the cold.

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