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Winter gloves for women for extreme cold, snow and sub-zero temperatures!

If you’re on the lookout for the best winter gloves for women or the best women’s winter gloves for extreme cold, we’ve got this. At SAIL, we have the best selection of women’s winter gloves in Canada! If you’re planning on doing some snowmobiling, running, skiing or winter cycling in the extreme cold, your hands need to be prepared for sub-zero weather conditions. Check out our large selection of sizes, brands and models to find the right gloves for you! Whether you’re looking for warm Gore-Tex, merino wool, leather or lined gloves, we have a range of waterproof, lightweight, insulated and Thinsulate options. Plus, we have gloves that are compatible with touchscreens!

So keep your hands comfortable next time you’re out hunting, motorcycling or mountaineering in the snow with gloves in top brands like The North Face, Auclair and our home brand, SAIL.