Cyril Chauquet’s Challenges: SAIL Puts Cyril to the Test


July 23, 2021


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Cyril Chauquet

For several years now, we have been collaborating with Cyril Chauquet from the show Mordu de la pêche (Chasing Monsters), and we decided to put the host to the challenge and test out his adventure skills. Cyril went all in! We wanted to show you how it all went down in a short series of video clips!

*Note: video clips are currently available in French only

Challenge #1: Light a fire in under 10 minutes

For this first challenge, we asked Cyril Chauquet to light a fire in under 10 minutes in the middle of the woods. On his television program, Cyril must often use his survival skills and find the best ways to be resourceful with the tools he has on hand as well as what he can find in nature. We gave him a knife, raingear, and a lighter. And, to add in a little bit more of a challenge, we placed him in wetter conditions…

Orienteering equipment

Challenge #2: Catch a trout in under 10 minutes

For our fishing pro, we had no choice but to throw in a fishing challenge. So, we asked Cyril to attempt to catch a trout in under 10 minutes, in an area that was completely foreign to him. Curveball: he was only allowed to use the products found in our SAIL tackle boxes, assembled by Cyril him.

Cyril Chauquet’s tackle boxes

Challenge #3: Use a lure selected by Cyril Chauquet’s fans

To conclude our series of challenges, we asked Cyril Chauquet’s fans to select the type of equipment with which he would have to catch his next fish. Among a selection of lures, Cyril’s fans chose only one that he would have to use. Take a look at how he handled it!

Fishing lures

You feeling up to the challenge as well? Why not give these a shot, yourself?

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