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March 29, 2023


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Explore+ Rewards Program

Explore+ is not your usual loyalty program. It’s a mountain of rewards and benefits that will spark your desire to go on adventures. Becoming an Explore+ member is enjoying rewards that feel good. It’s early access to offers and promotions. It’s an easier-than-ever shopping experience. It’s a community united by a passion for the outdoors.

Explore+ is all that, plus more. Since you can’t put a price on exploring, there is no sign-up fee. If you are among those who will never stop venturing outside, you are in the right place.

In this article, you will discover all there is to know about our Explore+ Rewards Program.

  1. What is Explore+?
  2. How to join the community and become a member
  3. How does the Explore+ Rewards Program work?
  4. Explore+: one account, multiple benefits
  5. Work your way up the Explore+ program
  6. FAQ

What is Explore+?

Explore+ SAIL

Explore+ is an very simple loyalty program. You shop at your own pace; you get rewarded. No membership card, no points system: all rewards are sent to you by email. It’s up to you to use them today, tomorrow, or whenever.

Joining our community is easy and free. Once you’re a part of it, each purchase you make online or in-store helps you move up the program.

Every climb is a gradual process. This is why Explore+ has three levels. As you advance in the program, you reach new levels, + you receive new exclusive rewards. It’s as simple as that.
Exclusive discounts, early access to offers, enhanced shopping experience… Our rewards program is here to fuel your passions of today and tomorrow. Make the most of your benefits by completing to your equipment or discovering new outdoor activities! Enjoy access to exclusive content and join us at special events reserved for our Explore+ community.

How to join the community and become a member

Our Explore+ Rewards Program is for everyone. Seasoned explorers have access to the very best, just like those taking their first steps in the great outdoors.

Signing up is free, and you can do it online in just a few clicks. Joining the Explore+ program is faster than lacing up a hiking boot. Name, email address, birth date and phone number: that’s all it takes. Your phone number will only be used to link your online and in-store purchases to your member account.

As soon as you complete registration, you reach the “Novice” level, and you get a first 15% discount to celebrate your new member status. Why not start right away?

Anytime you want to check your progress, level or benefits, you can log into your member account online.

If you have any further questions about the program, go ahead and take a look at our Explore+ page or join us through the live chat!

How does the Explore+ Rewards Program work?

Explore+ Program SAIL

Explore+ offers you a way to take your love of the outdoors even further.

Shop at your own pace

To each their own desires. Indulge in yours whenever you see fit. At SAIL, you will find everything you need for your outdoor activities. Our available collections and brands are constantly evolving so we can keep offering the best selection. The adventure starts here.

Every purchase counts

All of your purchases contribute to your progression toward the next level, both online and in-store. Just remember to sign in:
By logging into your account if you are shopping online;
By providing your phone number at checkout if you are shopping in-store.

Enjoy exclusive benefits

One account, multiple benefits. As soon as you become a member, you gain access to a series of rewards reserved for Explore+ members. You also get new ones every time you reach a new level.

Work your way up

Your adventure as a member starts at the “Novice” level. You become an “Enthusiast” when your purchase balance reaches $300 and continue to climb to the “Expert” level after $900.

All your rewards in one place

You will receive your discounts and promotional codes by email. You can also find them at any time in your member profile. Let’s keep it simple.

Enjoy your benefits on your own terms

There’s no better moment to take advantage of your discounts than the one you choose. Use your rewards any time, online or in-store.

Explore+: one account, multiple benefits

One thing is for sure, Explore+ will get you in the mood to go outside. Between the members-only offers and discounts, the enhanced shopping experience and the exclusive content, our rewards program is a definite must for every outdoor enthusiast.

Here are some of the benefits available to Explore+ members (depending on their level):

  • Welcome offer upon sign-up: 15% off your next purchase,
  • Early access to selected sales, offers, clearance
  • Exclusive discounts and promotions throughout the year,
  • Birthday offer, valid for 30 days from your birthday,
  • Receipt-free returns,
  • Special offer when levelling up,
  • Invitation to Explore+ members-only events,
  • Extended return and exchange period,
  • Free returns for online orders.

Work your way up the Explore+ program

SAIL Explore+

All Explore+ members begin their climb at the “Novice” level. The “Enthusiast” and “Expert” levels are reached with a specific cumulative purchase balance and earn even more benefits.

Patrick the Novice

Patrick likes the outdoors. Being a SAIL customer, he decides to sign up for the Explore+ Rewards Program. One minute in, he’s already a member. Soon after, Patrick uses the 15% welcome offer to buy the sustainable transitional jacket he has been eyeing for a while. He figures he can always return it if it does not fit, even without a receipt. In the following months, Patrick receives surprise offers and exclusive members-only promotions. He also enters contests open to the Explore+ community members and enjoys exclusive content. When his birthday comes, Patrick chooses to take advantage of SAIL’s birthday offer by adding to his camping gear.

Sandra the Enthusiast

Sandra became an Explore+ member three months ago. The purchase of her new pair of cross-country skis has just propelled her to the “Enthusiast” level. She still enjoys all the benefits she already had as a Novice, plus she received a special offer by email after levelling up. Sandra plans on using that offer later this year to buy new hiking boots. In the meantime, she takes pleasure in getting to know other outdoor enthusiasts she meets at exclusive Explore+ events!

Marise the Expert

Marise loves adventure and wide spaces. Not a month goes by without her hitting a new trail or discovering a new outdoor activity. As an “Expert” member, Marise enjoys an enhanced shopping experience at SAIL: extended return and exchange period, free returns for online orders, etc. She really appreciates the freedom and flexibility when shopping for new equipment!


Explore+ is an invitation to explore more, share more, and learn more. More than just a rewards program, it is a call to keep falling further in your love of the great outdoors.


Is Explore+ free?

Is it possible to sign up for Explore+ in-store?

If you still have questions about our Explore+ program, please consult our dedicated FAQ section:

Explore+ FAQ


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