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How to Choose Rainwear

Stuck on how to dress during a transition season? We’re here to help you make some easy choices for rainwear that won’t let you down!

Must-have rainwear

It’s no secret that fall and spring are times when the weather can be quite feisty. We find ourselves somewhere between sunny and hot, and torrential downpours. The rain, however, doesn’t mean that we still don’t have to go to work, do our groceries, and even spend some time outdoors getting fresh air. The solution? Dress comfortably to stay dry no matter the weather, meaning rainwear with advanced technology that’s guaranteed to keep the water out and keep you nice and comfy.


It’s not always easy to choose the right mid-season jacket. A windbreaker is not a rain jacket, just as a winter coat is not a spring coat. To make sure that raindrops bead on the outer layer of your raincoat rather than penetrating it, it must be made of a naturally water-resistant fabric such as polyester or nylon.

However, between a jacket labeled “hydro-resistant” and one whose label mentions
Gore-Tex technology, there are differences. If the jacket is hydro-resistant, a more common instance when it comes to windbreakers, it will only be effective under light rain for a short period of time. Whereas, a jacket made with Gore-Tex technology will allow you to be out during a storm without water infiltrating through the material. Better yet, it’s breathable and lets perspiration and humidity evacuate.

Men’s rain jackets Women’s rain jackets

Rain pants

We often underestimate the immense comfort that a good pair of pants can bring when it’s raining. If it’s overcast, take the time to put on pants armed with Gore-Tex technology, or any other type of breathable pant, and you won’t complain about the rain again.

Take note to not confuse rainpants and snow pants during your shopping outing. They are likely waterproof, of course, but snow pants will be much too warm if temperatures are up above 0 degrees.

Men’s rain pants Women’s rain pants

Rain boots

While certain models also use Gore-Tex technology to deal with unforeseen weather conditions (hiking in the rain, for example), rain boots designed for everyday life that you’ll need simply to skip out on puddles in the street are made of rubber.

Short or tall, with colourful designs or neutral, lined nor not, rain boots are your best ally to appreciate transition seasons. Select flexible, lightweight ones for more comfort and get ready to smile from ear to ear.

Men’s rain boots Women’s rain boots

Bonuses to keep you dry

Well, that’s that. You’re dressed from head to toe with waterproof layers. Why not check out water-resistant accessories that could make your life even easier? A rain cover for your backpack or baby carrier is an example of a useful rain accessory. Adjustable and easy to stuff into a pocket, the cover will allow you to walk in the rain with no hurry, your laptop or your little one shielded from the elements.

Speaking of computers, numerous electronic gadgets (watches, GPS, cameras, etc.) are now available in water-resistant models. If you often bring your gadgets outside, this could be an investment worth considering.

When it comes to waterproof accessories such as gaiters, gloves, and hats, it’s up to you to determine your needs based on the activities that you will be doing…and to your tolerance to colder air!