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Initiation to bouldering


September 10, 2018


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Initiation to Bouldering

In just a few years, bouldering has taken off in Quebec. More and more rock climbing enthusiasts are beginning to learn about this adrenaline-fueled sport, which is practiced both indoors and out. Here are some tips to start your irresistible climb into the wonderful world of bouldering.

Warm Up

As with all sports, the best way to avoid injury is to start with a warm-up. A warm body always climbs higher.

Start Easy

Don’t get discouraged! Start with boulders that seem more accessible. Do them several times in a row. Try the same route once, twice, 10 times. The more you do it, the easier it will be. Then gradually increase your level of difficulty.

Climb, Climb and Keep Climbing

Climbing is like playing the piano. The more you practice, the better you get. Go further each time, repeat the movements, and then start again. Increase your sessions and intensity as you go.

Visualize the Climb

Before facing the wall, see yourself progressing higher. See the movements in your head or, why not, in the air. Visualize your climb so that you can anticipate your movements and the difficulties you may encounter.

Climb, Rappel, Repeat

By continuously working on your weakest areas, you can overcome any obstacles. Work on the movements and techniques that you are less comfortable with. After several repetitions, your weakest points will become your strongest.

Strengthen Everything, Even Your Fingers

With simple exercises lasting a few seconds while suspended, you can strengthen your fingers and tendons. The hands and feet play an essential role in rock climbing.

Be Zen

More and more climbers practice yoga. Practicing yoga can increase flexibility, improve balance and strengthen muscles, but it also helps to regulate breathing and soothes the soul — so that you can climb with confidence.

Push Yourself Further

To get to the top safely, start by snapping your anchors on routes you know well. One leg up at a time, you will see that you can go further without difficulty. Then change routes to go to the next level.

Share your Passion

Even though climbing is an individual sport, the best way to get motivated is to climb in a group. You can inspire each other, but you can also learn by looking at others, especially those with more experience.

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