Instagram in the Great Outdoors: Five inspiring accounts

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When planning your next outing, a new hiking trail or an impromptu road trip, nothing beats a little detour via Instagram to inspire you. Of the thousands of accounts dedicated to the great outdoors, we’ve saved five that take you the extra mile.

@vanlifequébec : Hitting the Road

There’s nothing like the freedom of hitting the road and setting up camp whenever the mood strikes. Vanlife Québec chronicles the forgotten roads, great landscapes, dreamy skylines, and destinations that are off the beaten path.

@lilyonthemove : Spanning the Globe

Lily Trang Huynh is a unique traveler and well-known blogger. This young Canadian explores the four corners of the earth in search of the most astonishing viewpoints. And she always finds herself in unexpected places.


@ho0ked : Reeling it In

Avid anglers know the importance of memories, photos and the best fishing stories. The owner of the @ho0ked account features shots, one more memorable than the next, of his fishing excursions on both water and ice.


@fillesdunord : Discover the Wide Open Spaces

Originally from Abitibi-Témiscamingue, the girsl from @Trois filles du Nord are not only in love with their region, they’re also passionate about the outdoors. They use social media to share this passion and to promote life in Quebec’s outlying areas.

@mlnabea : A Breath of Fresh Air

Melina Beaulieu’s photos posted on Instagram at @mlnabea are nothing short of poetic. Through the seasons, she takes her followers on strolls in the woods, hikes in the mountains, walks by the lake and discoveries in the most remote valleys.


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Also available in: French