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July 22, 2022


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Woman kayaking

Kayaking is the perfect summer activity to cool off and have a good time while discovering extraordinary landscapes. Read our guide to discover tips on the specifics of this activity and the equipment needed.

In this article, you will discover these articles :

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To start kayaking

Introduction to kayaking

A man kayaking

The nice weather is coming, you want to go for a ride on the water in a kayak, but you’ve never done it before? Take the time to read our article on kayaking initiation in order to start your adventure and to get informed on the subject. Indeed, this activity requires you to know some safety measures and to master some movements that you will discover in our article.

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Kayaks : what are the different models and their characteristics?

The different models of kayak for each activity

There are different types of kayaks. Discover the different types of boats and their advantages. This way, you can choose the ideal kayak for the activities you want to do.

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All about fishing kayaks

A woman fishing on a kayak

Are you passionate about kayaking, but also about fishing? Take advantage of this opportunity to combine your two favourite activities and go fishing aboard a kayak. It will allow you to access areas that are otherwise inaccessible. Read our article to know which one to choose.

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To get well equipped

Kayaking gear and accessories : the essentials for a successful trip on the water

Two people kayaking

Before you hit the water, make sure you have all the necessary equipment with you. You’ll need several essentials, which you’ll find in our list, to make your trip fun and safe.

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Which PFD flotation jacket should you choose depending on the type of water activity?

Person wearing a PFD in a kayak

Mandatory for all water sports, the flotation jacket (PFD) is certainly the most important (and mandatory!) piece of equipment you should always carry with you. To find out which PFD is suitable for kayaking and why, read our article.

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PFD Example : The Khimera Hybrid Floatation Jacket (PFD) from Mustang Survival

Watch this video to learn about a type of Mustang PFD that is ideal and versatile for all your water activities. You will learn more about its mechanism and how to use it.

To get inspired before your kayaking trips

The most beautiful places to kayak in Quebec and Ontario

Some beautiful places to kayak in Quebec and Ontario

Now that you have all the information about this outdoor activity and its equipment, read this article to find out the top places in Quebec and Ontario to go kayaking, no matter what your level.

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Sea kayaking : an exciting story and tips to prepare you before an expedition

Two people sea kayaking

Finally, if you already kayak, take it to the next level and take to the sea! Discover our article on sea kayaking that tells the experience of Samuel Ostiguy, a kayaker who takes the opportunity to give you his best advice.

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