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Moose Hunting

For some hunters, moose hunting season is quickly approaching. For others, it’s already begun!

Here are some tips that are sure to lead you to success!

Picking the perfect time

A question that is frequently asked by hunters is what time of day is the perfect time to go out and get that game.

If you wanted to select four prime hunting hours in a day, it would be recommended to prepare for the first 2 hours after sunrise, and the last two hours before sunset. Why choose these times? Because they allow for you to practice calling for moose. In these early and later hours, the wind is calm and the temperature is cooler, which allows hunters to use several tricks to awaken the animal’s senses.

In these conditions, it’s also possible to apply the infernal triangle technique. This is a technique that was developed and perfected by the Born to Hunt team over the past eighteen years, and which is a good gauge of success for its fans since its conception.

The Infernal Triangle technique

Proper positioning

It’s important to enter the woods in an inverted triangle shape, while shooting is still possible and the night has not yet fallen. Position yourself at the right location in consideration of wind direction.

Listen and be on the lookout

Once you’ve gotten to about 50 meters inside the hunting zone you’ve determined, carry out a few female calls, and listen. Don’t rush or feel pressed for time; enjoy your time in the outdoors! You should, however, be vigilant and notice the signs that the woods may give, as the aim of the hunt is to imitate a small family of moose who are on the move.

Be patient

When a moose responds, the team moves toward the animal and repositions itself, all while keeping the inverted triangle shape. This could take several minutes, or even several…hours! It’s all about being patient in order to get the moose inside your infernal triangle.

Group Hunting

This year, since it’s essential to apply social distancing rules, why not experiment while hunting in small groups of 3?

In order to do so, you need to be well-prepared. Here’s a list of essentials for you:

  • a horn to make calls
  • a horn or other tool to rub trees
  • binoculars
  • a compass
  • a GPS
  • a knife
  • an evisceration kit
  • a fuel canister
  • a bottle of urine of your choice, according to hunting guidelines
  • a first aid kit
  • matches
  • some snacks and a water bottle
Hunting gear

Hunting Attire

For your choice of clothing, make sure you dress in materials that are quiet. It’s recommended to wear dark camouflage, a comfortable pair of boots, and raingear in addition to your orange vest.

Hunting clothing

Here are some instructions to follow for a successful group hunt:

  • Ideally, arrive on the hunting ground a few days before beginning your adventure
  • Refresh the salt blocks and check whether or not it’s possible to find signs left by this beast of the forest: broken branches, rubbing, urine – anything that indicates the presence of moose in the area
  • Don’t forget to install and check the surveillance cameras
  • Assess, on a scale of 1 to 10, the areas visited. This data will help you determine your hunting zone
  • Once nightfall hits, map out your game plan by checking the wind and determine the best way to access the hunting territory with the help of maps
  • Finally, pick which of the three hunters will be the one to do the calling

Safety first

Although it may seem unimportant to mention again, safety must always remain a priority. It’s important to know that the Quebec government’s rules, as well as those of the government of Ontario, specify that every hunter, guide or other person going along with them must wear visible attire, with fluorescent orange on the back, shoulders and chest. It is imperative that your hunting clothing remain visible, at all times and from every angle, even when wearing a backpack.

Just before leaving

If a hunter follows Born to Hunt’s tips, and is mentally and physically well prepared, and is sure of having a successful hunt, the next thing is to make sure that the meat does not go to waste. Check out nearby butchers and what sorts of facilities are available. A freezer, generator, mechanical saw, sled and cooler should be among your items!

A happy hunting season to all!

In collaboration with the Born to Hunt team.