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Spring Break Activities: 10 Ideas to Enjoy the Outdoors in the Province of Quebec


February 11, 2022


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Spring Break Activities: 10 Ideas to Enjoy the Outdoors in the Province of Quebec

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Get inspired by our spring break activity ideas and enjoy the last days of winter to the fullest. Take it easy, make memories, and break free of the routine. Here are some of our spring break ideas.

Read more about our 10 ideas:

1. Go snowshoeing

Let’s set the record straight: snowshoeing isn’t a super demanding sport reserved for elite athletes. On the contrary, snowshoeing is accessible to everyone in addition to being a very affordable sport. There are many different varieties of snowshoes for all different types of terrain (mountainous, touristic, or uncharted), you just need to have the right equipment for a successful outing. Make sure that the whole family is dressed in layers.

In Quebec, a ton of Sépaq Park trails are open even during the pandemic and offer snowshoe rentals.

2. Skating on outdoor trails

Frozen trails through the forest are starting to become popular places to enjoy this sport, while municipalities are doubling their efforts to organize themed skate nights on outdoor rinks. Outdoor skates with extra lining will allow you to enjoy this activity for longer periods of time. A good tip is to wear merino wool socks, as this fabric helps wick moisture to the outside. Above all, don’t forget to keep your head and hands covered to avoid catching cold.

There are several places to discover, but an amazing trail to try is the parc des Pionniers, in St-Donat. A second one – also easy for the kids and includes an outdoor skating rink – is the parc régional éducatif du Bois de Belle-Rivière, in Mirabel.

Otherwise, the majority of municipalities set up outdoor ice rinks during the winter. Just check with the recreational or tourist center in your area.

3. Cross-country skiing

To introduce the whole family to cross-country skiing, grab some breathable base layers and a waterproof snowsuit. Don’t wear too many layers so you don’t sweat too much, as moisture is the enemy of the cold. Don’t wear too many layers so that you don’t sweat too much, as moisture is your enemy in the cold. Bring extra layers with you that you can add if you get too chilly.

There are boots that are specially designed for cross-country skis, but the skis can also be A-OK with a pair of regular winter boots. Opt for a pair of mitts to keep your hands warm while holding onto those ski poles.

4. Luging

A classic winter activity, luging has been a favourite since its creation. For a really fun day, select comfortable clothes and insulated boots to keep your feet warm (the kids and yourself!) Woolen socks and foot warmers are great to help with that. Why not also bring along a nice, comforting, insulated bottle of tea?

If you are willing to brave the cold, why not try tobogganing down the Dufferin terrasse in Quebec City?

5. Building snow sculptures

Snowmen are so last year! For a fun time in the snow, give yourselves a challenge and try making a snow bear or snow cat at the park nearest you! When you’re done, how about building a fort with your kids around the fireplace and enjoying a hot chocolate?

6. Outdoor treasure hunt

It doesn’t take much to entertain the kids. You just need a bit of imagination! Pick a few things to hide in the house, in a nearby park or the woods near your home, time the little ones while they get their snowsuits on, and then go on the hunt for the objects. Think about some fun clues to incorporate and have fun. Crown the winner or give a chocolate medal. You’ll have a blast as a family.

7. Ice fishing escapade

A great way to introduce the kids to fishing is to head out onto an icy lake. Several places in Quebec offer packages including fishing permits for the day and access to warm huts and tip-ups that you can enjoy with the whole fam.

Otherwise, if you’re already an ice fishing pro, the kids will be excited to learn how to use an ice fishing rod, prepare the line, or find fish using a sonar.

8. Walking through the wintry wood

Our country has so many beautiful places that you can enjoy on foot, as long as your little ones have a good pair of winter boots with good insulation or hiking boots that are warm enough for winter weather.

The only thing left to do is to place extra socks, mitts, water bottle, head lamp in your hiking backpack and head out with your tribe.

A majestic place to visit is the parc régional des Sept-Chutes in Saint-Zénon.

9. Camping in the house

It isn’t summer yet, but that won’t last long! Organizing a camp night in the house isn’t as crazy as it sounds. If you have a good-sized tent, why not set it up in the basement or right in the living room? You can light some candles and make marshmallows to really get into the groove of it all.

It’s also a great way to learn how to set up a tent in the backyard. Getting some practice in never hurts – all while making sure that young and old can fit into the tent comfortably and warmly.

10. Winter Olympics

Plan some outdoor winter olympics! You don’t need much gear except being dressed warmly and get some good winter boots for the cold. Laughs and fun guaranteed!

Here are some ideas of events to inspire you:

  1. Throw snowballs at a target: Make about 20 snowballs for each participant, attach a poster to the fence or grab the cover of the garbage bin and ask the participants to hit the target.
  2. Coloured water race: Fill some cups with water coloured with food colouring. Ask the participants to go from point A to point B without spilling the water out (you’ll be able to spot the colour if it falls in the snow). At the end of the race, see who has spilled the least amount of water. 
  3. Snow bowling: The night before the olympics, fill 10 recyclable water bottles with water and freeze them. On the day, ask the participants to throw snowballs or a ball at the “pins” and count the points.
  4. Wheelbarrow race: Pair the participants up and ask them to get from point A to point B while supporting one partner as a wheelbarrow.
  5. Ski slide: Each participant must slide a ski across the ice and see how far the ski goes. The farthest ski wins.

In conclusion, the important thing for a successful spring break is to make sure that the whole family is warm and has the right accessories for the day outdoors. Plan in advance and, above all, have fun!

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