The Art of Cooking a Shore Lunch


July 23, 2018


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Atmos – Dolores, CO

Cyril Chauquet, host of the TV show Chasing Monsters, and David McMillan, the renowned chef at Joe Beef, met for an original fishing game where they switched places. David became head fisherman while Cyril took on the role of head chef. See how they prepared an incredible shore lunch near a wooded area, and learn how to make a catch as wonderful as theirs.

Life Jacket

SAIL offers a wide variety of floatation devices. For fishing, we recommend a life jacket with practical pockets and netting for ventilation. All SAIL jackets are certified by Transport Canada.

The Rod, Reel and Lures

How to choose your fishing rod from the hundreds of rods available at SAIL? Length, flexibility and weight vary depending on whether you’re fishing on a lake, in a river or at sea. The type of fishing—fly, tackle or float—will also influence your choice. A store consultant can guide you.

There are two types of reels: fixed spool reels, which are easier to use; or a spinning reel for better performance. Here again, a SAIL expert can help you choose among the store’s vast selection.

Fishing is an art. Every angler has their own tricks to reel in the best catch. At SAIL, you’ll find hundreds of lures for every type of fish and fishing.

The Knife

Once you catch bass, trout or yellow perch, you must gut and clean your catch before cooking. Don’t forget to take a good sharp knife with you with a thin and tapered tip to gut the fish more easily

Foldable Chair

There’s nothing like a delicious meal prepared over the fire by the shore with fish caught on site. Sit back and enjoy the moment on a comfortable folding chair that is easy to carry and set up anywhere. SAIL offers different models for your comfort.

Now it’s your turn! Take your cues from Cyril Chauquet and David McMillan, and head out for a beautiful day of fishing!



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