Trout Fishing Guide


July 22, 2022


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Trout is a popular fish among fishing enthusiasts. In this guide, discover our six articles and three videos where you will find all the keys to catch this fish with more ease.

In this article, you will discover these articles :

Shop fishing gear

Shop trout fishing gear

For an introduction to trout fishing

Trout Fly Fishing : Basic Tips to Get Prepared

A man who caught a trout on a fly

The trout, thanks to its carnivorous diet, is a very popular fish among anglers. Find out everything there is to know about trout fishing so you can catch several on your first fishing trip.

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To get well equipped

Best Brook Trout Gear : Essentials from a Specialist

A man fishing for trout with the right equipment

Claude Bissonnette, SAIL’s fishing expert, provides a list of essential equipment to put the odds in your favour and succeed in speckled trout fishing. Discover it in this article.

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10 must-have fishing lures

A fishing lure

With so many different lures available in stores, it’s always difficult to decide which one to buy to catch which fish. That’s why we’ve put together a list of ten must-have lures, along with their characteristics and the fish they’re best suited for, to help you decide which lures to go trout fishing with.

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To perfect your techniques

Brook Trout Fishing : Tips and Techniques for Making a Catch

a man fishing a trout with a fly

Once you have all the necessary equipment, it’s time to choose the fishing technique you’ll be most comfortable with when fishing for trout. Learn about the different options available to you in this article.

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Cyril Chauquet’s 3 favourite techniques for fly fishing for trout

Cyril Chauquet fly fishing for trout

If you decide to fly fish for trout, there are also different techniques. Cyril Chauquet, expert in the field, gives his three favourite ways to fish for this fish.

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Discover different techniques and tips from other experts to fly fish for trout in this video.

To see or review the challenges of Cyril Chauquet

Cyril Chauquet’s first challenges: To fish a trout in less than 5 minutes

Cyril Chauquet launches a first challenge: try to catch a trout in less than five minutes. Watch this video to find out how to do it and take up the challenge!

Cyril Chauquet’s second challenges: Fishing for trout with a surprise lure

The second challenge Cyril gives you is to catch a trout with a surprise lure. He shows you how he does it in this video.

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