3 items we often forget to pack before a trip


September 30, 2015


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Photo: Icebreaker

Before venturing out, a backpack traveler will need to choose equipment that is both economical and practical. Nevertheless, these next three essential items are often left behind:


A SoftBottle

Suggested brand: Platypus 

Much more convenient than a rigid bottle, a SoftBottle of 0.5L to 1L is perfect for any trip. It’s also easy to slip into your backpack whether it’s full or empty.

A SoftBottle is also a much greener approach than buying a new plastic bottle each day. Most models are BPA free to help keep water fresh and clean with no aftertaste.

A Chamois Towel

Suggested Brands : PackTowl 

There are two main uses for this overlooked travelers item:

1) You won’t need to use rough discoloured towels from a place with questionable sanitary conditions.

2) You won’t be obliged to drag around a towel that measures 7 x 3 ft with a big picture of Donaldcascade-06050 Duck on it.

Light, fast drying, easily washable, antimicrobial treated and available in several different sizes, it’s a must-have that travelers shouldn’t forget.

A Headlamp

Suggested brand: Petzl, Black Diamond

“I should’ve brought a headlamp“: words that travelers often hear during their journeys petzlame-e93h-100around the world.

Whether it’s to rummage through your bag at 3 am while your 5 roommates are sound asleep, or to easily find your way back to your tent in the middle of the night, this item can be very helpful.

Have a great adventure!

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