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Our best gift ideas for those who have (almost) everything


December 1, 2023


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gift ideas for those who have everything

We all know someone who adores the outdoors and seems to have all the necessary gear to enjoy it. Someone who seizes every opportunity for adventure, camps every summer weekend, skis throughout the winter, and runs all year round. And above all: someone who takes great care in selecting each item of clothing and every piece of equipment.  

But what can you give this loved one who seemingly doesn’t need anything? How can you find a surprising and, most importantly, useful gift for that special someone? Discover our top birthday or holiday gift ideas for those who already have (almost) everything. 

In this article, you will discover our best gift ideas for someone who has everything:

  1. A base layer
  2. Heated gloves
  3. Coffee for the campsite
  4. Proper nutrition for sports activities
  5. A SAIL gift card
  6. A RECCO reflector for traceability
  7. A first aid kit
  8. Fuel for the camping stove
  9. Cleaning and care products for outdoor clothing
  10. A cross-country ski waxing product

A base layer

The cold season has never stopped your loved one from venturing outside, gliding, walking or running on snowy trails at every opportunity? Great news! Here’s a first gift idea for a man or woman who braves the polar cold: a quality base layer.

A person who stays active during the winter can never have too many base layers. The purpose of this “first layer”? Wicking sweat away from the fabric, keeping the wearer warm and dry without compromising mobility, while also drying quickly. This layer, which is worn close to the skin, is the first part of the well-known multi-layer system.

Made from merino wool or synthetic fibres, the base layer is essential for both the lower and upper body when activity levels are high, but temperatures are low. To treat your better half, your sister or your favourite cousin, take a look at the Basique women’s tights or long sleeve top from Borealis (similar models for men: Borealis Basique men’s tights and long sleeve top). If you’re looking for high-performance, comfortable merino wool base layers, shop brands like Smartwool or Icebreaker!

Heated gloves

What do winter sports enthusiasts, hikers who explore even when there’s snow, and ice anglers all have in common? They stay active, whatever the weather. For these outdoor lovers, a good pair of gloves is a must, without which they might be forced back home too soon!

So here’s a wonderful gift idea with the holidays approaching: a pair of heated mittens or gloves to enjoy long hours outside without getting cold fingers! Discover our wide range of warm, windproof and insulated gloves, perfect for hunting, skiing and going on all kinds of winter adventures! Shop brands like Outdoor Research or Mobile Warming, and gift a little warmth to your outdoor-loving friend or relative who has everything! And if your loved one already has heated gloves in the closet, check out our article on the best gloves and mittens to find the ideal pair for the less chilly days!

Coffee for the campsite

Whether by the tent or on the ice during a winter fishing session, few people will turn down a good cup of coffee, especially during the colder seasons.
Coffee bag, insulated mug, coffee maker… Give a moment of warmth and comfort to your outdoorsy loved one! You might, for example, wrap a bag of Näak’s refined K.O.M (King of the Mountain) coffee blend, roasted in the purest Italian tradition in Montréal, or go for the complex aromas of Drup’s Nomad South coffee.
If your friend or relative already has a go-to coffee roaster, slip an enamelled steel or stainless steel percolator under the tree so that he or she can enjoy its delicious coffee anywhere, even in the middle of the woods.

Proper nutrition for sports activities

Finding the perfect gift idea for someone who has everything is never easy. But if your loved one is a trail runner, cross-country skier or snowshoe hiker, you’ve got a great gift at hand: nutrition that will support his or her outdoor efforts!
Energy gels and chews, bars to fuel up during effort… Everyone has their own preferences, but you can be sure of one thing: active people always need a “boost” when their energy levels start to dip. You can’t go wrong with brands like Näak, Nuun and Krono, all of which are trusted names in the world of sports nutrition! Opt for an eco-friendly gift idea!

A SAIL gift card

If your loved one really does have all the necessary outdoor gear, or if you’d rather let him or her choose, we have the ultimate holiday or birthday gift idea: a SAIL gift card!

Give a little bit of liberty with an e-gift card or a material gift card made from recycled fibres – the choice is yours! Just pick the amount and you’re done. Your loved one can add to the equipment he or she already has for a favourite activity or gear up to discover a new one!

Good to know: the SAIL gift card can be used in store or online!

A RECCO reflector for traceability

Your loved one lives for adventure, likes to tackle the longest trails or the most challenging climbs? Here’s a great gift idea for men and women who are always eager to discover new horizons: a RECCO® reflector to hang on their backpack.

Its function? Making the wearer easy to locate for rescuers. Since it’s a passive transponder, it requires no batteries and is always ready for use. It can be located with the RECCO® detectors used by rescuers to find people who have gotten lost or buried in the snow. Use the holiday season or your loved one’s birthday as an opportunity to think about safety!

A first aid kit

In the same vein as the RECCO® reflector, here’s another gift idea for men and women who go on countless adventures: a first-aid kit. Injuries are never entirely preventable in the great outdoors, so it’s always wise to be prepared to respond in case a problem occurs when cross-country skiing, hiking, or hunting, for example.

Discover our selection of compact, lightweight and fully equipped first-aid kits, filled with everything you need to clean and close small wounds, cuts and scrapes. Bandages, antiseptic wipes, dressings, compresses… Turn your beloved adventurer into a well-equipped adventurer! Shop big and small first-aid kits, from well-known brands like ADVENTUREMEDICAL and SAIL!

Fuel for the camping stove

When camping, an (almost or completely) empty fuel container means only one thing: having to say goodbye to that long-awaited delicious and comforting meal. To avoid such mishaps, it’s wise to always have backup fuel on hand. So, there’s an ideal gift idea for someone who already has everything but can be a bit forgetful!

If you know which camping stove your loved one uses, consider buying the extra canister or bottle of fuel he or she might otherwise forget to pack for future wilderness stays. Make sure your beloved camper has plenty of fuel to cook under the stars with brands like MSR and GSI.

Cleaning and care products for outdoor clothing

This may not be the trendiest gift idea in our selection, but it’s certainly one of the most useful and unexpected: cleaning and care products made especially for outdoor clothing and equipment!
Shoe care kit, down wash, waterproofing product, polishing brush… There’s a whole host of gift ideas for someone who has everything but could use some help in taking proper care of his or her gear! Rely on renowned brands like Granger’s or Nikwax. Thanks to you, your loved one will be able to enjoy his or her favourite equipment even longer!

A cross-country ski waxing product

Looking for a gift idea that will honour your loved one’s passion for cross-country skiing? Show your full support by giving your favourite skier all the necessary supplies for ski waxing and maintenance. From grip wax and glidewax to brushes and complete waxing kits, you can pick out the perfect gift to help your loved one get his or her ski bases ready to glide on every track in the region. With reputable brands like Swix and Start, you can have confidence that you’re giving top-quality products!


You now have plenty of small (and big) gift ideas for the person who has everything! With our wide and varied selection, you’re bound to find something to please your outdoorsy loved one, but if you’d still like a few more recommendations, take a look at our hunting or fishing gift ideas!


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