4 tips to help you choose the right gear for an obstacle course race


March 15, 2016


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Ready to take your obstacle course training to the next level? SAIL’s got 4 tips to help you cross that muddy finish line!

Tip #1: Wear the right clothing – and that means NO COTTON!

Cotton WILL soak up water and get heavy and it WILL weigh you down! Cotton quickly looses it’s shape and that form fitting shirt is now hanging at your knees. Cotton is great but should be left at home. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

We suggest choosing clothing with synthetic high performance wicking fabrics like the ones mentioned below:

CBB6                           1258897                             cbf4


lsw1449                                  1236474


Tip #2: Wear the right shoes – Lightweight traction

Opt for a pair of shoes that will give you grip, support, prevent blisters and has good drainage. Your best bet is to go with a pair of trail running shoes. They offer the grip to fly up and down steep hills and skip over thick mud. Any of the pairs mentioned below will help get the job done:

378334                329785

Tip #3: Other Gear

Other items are also worth considering, many racers tend to choose compression socks. These help with better blood flow, and protect your legs from rocks and any other rough surfaces while crawling. Carrying fuel on the course, is also essential for some. There are many different lightweight options to help keep you hydrated along the way. Gloves are also another item that some racers like to wear, as it helps with climbing and protecting your hands from cuts and scrapes. A GoPro can help capture all the action, but your best bet is to chest mount it so that it locks over your shoulders and around the sides of your chest. Interested in tracking your distance, pace & speed? A GPS watch will do all of that & more.
These items are not mandatory, but some competitors find them useful.

We suggest:

101294                375808       25014_02                garmin-010-01128-30__02


Tip #4: Don’t bring unnecessary items on the course

This is a simple but essential rule! The last thing you want is to be running around with things that you don’t need or afraid to lose during the race. Leave your sunglasses, cell phone, jewelry, keys and anything else you don’t need, in your car, bag check or home.

Now go get dirty!

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