5 ideal destinations to take a break during winter


February 20, 2020


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Winter starting to feel long? Need to feel the heat of the sun on your skin and hear the birds singing? We’ve got 5 suggestions of ideal destinations that are sure to make you forget the cold, and what you’ll need to bring along with you to enjoy to the fullest!

The beach

A classic for the snowbirds, the beach is an easy-access destination for those who wish to walk around in a lightweight swimsuit and easy, breezy flip-flops. Whether it be in the states, in Mexico, or on a Caribbean island, a little Vitamin Sea never hurt anyone…unless you didn’t bring any sunscreen.

UV rays are stronger than ever before, so make sure to apply sunscreen regularly. You can select one without any toxins (bad for your health and the planet) when you’ll be outside for more than an hour at a time under the hot sun. And should you still burn your skin, think about bringing along a cream or aloe-based gel and long, breathable clothes for the days to follow. A sun hat, cap, or sombrero and a refillable water bottle are excellent ways to stay out longer and maximize your time in the sun.

Sun Protection   Women’s Caps

The jungle

Naturally more of an adventurer? Why not take a break from winter and head to the jungle? Mexico, Central America, and South America have some beautiful rainforests to visit. But, before jumping into a canoe to go see the monkeys, don’t forget to pack insect repellant, a bug net for your head and neck, a multi-purpose knife, a first-aid kit and a camera! Speaking of cameras, if you’re planning on visiting some waterfalls or sleeping in a very humid area, it might be a good idea to think about a water-resistant camera, able to film your rafting adventures and beautiful fish even under the water!

Camping      Knives     Cameras 

The desert

Second adventure destination: the desert. It’s quite the unique way of escaping winter, but also the sounds of the city. Once again, sunscreen is essential, but bringing along a hydration pack is very practical for any camel rides you may have planned.

As well, it would be prudent to bring along some camping accessories to counter those cooler nights and the lack of resources (food, drinking water, electricity, Wi-Fi, etc.). Moreover, if you are planning on staying over several days, a satellite radio may be practical for emergency situations, or simply to allow you to contact your travel buddies easily.

Hydration packs                  Camping accessories                  Radios

A city with milder weather

If what you’re missing are suppers outside on a terrace, perhaps checking out countries with milder temperatures, such as Australia, Spain, or South Africa would be suitable for you. Take in a new city while stopping randomly at different cafés and restaurants.

Simplify your travels by using a backpack to bring along your personal items rather than a suitcase and arm yourself with some good walking shoes. Need some help choosing your bag or shoes? Take a peek at our blogs to help you make your choice!

Bags              Men’s shoes           Women’s shoes

To the mountains!

If you aren’t trying to get away from the winter, per se, but rather from winter in the city, we’ve got the destination for you! One of our many mountains – close by or even in the west of Canada could be a good choice. Nothing is better than a gorgeous snow-covered landscape to make you fall in love with northern winters all over again.

Get your snowshoes, skis, sleds, boots, and skates out and head to the cottage, right in the middle of the great outdoors, and take a break from winter…in a winter wonderland!

Winter sports

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