How to choose between boots or hiking shoes?

Autumn is just around the corner which means.. it’s a great time to go hiking, and therefore the time to gear up! Type of terrain, length and frequency of outings, here are our tips to make sure you don’t make a mistake when choosing a pair of hiking shoes or hiking boots.

Type of terrain

On flat, low-altitude trails, low hiking shoes will give you more freedom of movement, while on rough mountain terrain, you will need better ankle support and greater stability on climbs. Hiking boots are preferable in this case. On muddy and wet surfaces, leather shoes or boots will be more resistant to water and easy to clean.

Length and frequency of your hikes

For occasional hikers who go short distances, a first pair of suede or synthetic shoes will offer great comfort, without necessarily having to “adapt” the shoe to their foot. The drying time will be faster and their price is limited.

If you are going for longer treks, then you are an intermediate or advanced hiker. Leather hiking boots will offer you support, comfort, weather resistance and durability.

Our advice: Always try on different pairs

Comfort and support are the most important criteria when it comes to choosing the best hiking footwear. Nothing beats the expert advice that you’ll receive in-store, so make sure you head over to a SAIL store nearest you for more details and to try on different pairs in order to make the right choice.

Women’s hiking shoes

Women’s hiking boots

Men’s hiking shoes

Men’s hiking shoes