Moose Hunting: 5 Essential Products to Bring to Optimize Your Experience


September 3, 2021


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Moose hunting

Photo credit: Aleesha Wood on Unsplash

There is surely some gear that you think of right away when going moose hunting: ammunition, a call, or a good knife. Yet, there are often materials that are forgotten about that are just as practical and that will enhance your hunting experience. Discover the five essential accessories that you may have brushed aside that you’ll be happy you included next time you head out.

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Before you go, make sure you have everything you need for moose hunting, even things you might not have thought of:

  1. A seat cushion
  2. A rifle scope protector
  3. Hunting gloves
  4. An odour eliminator for moose hunting
  5. A good pair of boots

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1. A seat cushion


Going in search of moose is exciting. You have to walk and make calls and then suddenly, you hear it answer you. As the moose approaches your location, you quickly find a place to hide and stay alert. Too often, the ground is frozen, muddy or wet, and dry, cozy vegetation is rarely present. Luckily, you’re ready to sit down: you’ve strapped a lightweight, waterproof pad to your pants. You can sit back and feel comfortable, be protected against the cold soil and be on standby to see the beast…whether it’s for 15 minutes or 2 hours.

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2. A lens cover for the rifle scope

Lens cover

You’ve chosen your rifle scope carefully and made sure you can clearly see the animal coming out of the woods at a good distance. But have you covered it with a lens protector? Don’t forget it, because it would be a shame to target the coveted animal with a misted-up or dirty scope. Those who wear eyeglasses know this well: A few drops of rain are enough to blur the view. In addition to the lens cover, consider adding a clean cloth to clean your rifle scope if needed. Most of all, do not use a tissue to clean your scope, as it generates a lot of dust.

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3. Hunting gloves

Hunting gloves

Your fingers will help you complete the final step of moose hunting by gently pulling the trigger. Therefore, they must be protected as much as possible. It’s also a wise thing to avoid removing your gloves for every move you have to do – open your hunting backpack, zip your clothes, load your gun and shoot. Some gloves have a finger flap. This is a great solution for actions that require dexterity and speed. Choose a style that has magnets rather than hooks and loop fasteners (Velcro). Unless you are as skilled as a ninja, you will not be able to undo a hook and loop fastener quietly. Even better, some gloves allow you to release only your index finger while all the others stay warm. Also consider the weather conditions you will face during your moose hunting trip in order to make the right choice.

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4. An odour eliminator for moose hunting

Odour eliminator

Have you ever heard hunters say that they saw a lot of moose tracks, but didn’t see any animals while they were hunting? It is very likely that the moose saw them…or rather smelled them. It is imperative to reduce and control your odours through delicate operations and precautions. The use of a neutralizer or odour eliminator is one of the must-haves if you want to improve your chances of getting close to a moose. Bet on a bottle size that fits nicely in your backpack so you can spray yourself as much as needed during the day. This is especially useful if you spill some sauce on your pants during lunch hour. Any new odour can be reduced if you have the right tools with you at all times.

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5. A good pair of boots

Hunting boots

You’ve probably shopped for a hunting jacket that’s comfortable, quiet, and has a crisp, camouflage pattern. But have you invested that much time and energy into choosing your hunting boots? Even if you are hunting moose in a blind, you will need to scour some terrain when it comes time to find the beast. If you’re more of a walking hunter, you’ll definitely be willing to hike more than you think if you hear the king of the forest. Nothing can stop you on your way, neither steep terrain nor streams. So, you need to find comfortable and waterproof boots that will keep you warm and dry during your adventure.

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List of moose hunting essentials

There are certainly other items that you will find essential during your hunting trips, and you can add them to your personal list. Rest assured, however, that your moose hunting trip will be more enjoyable if you take care to bring the five items mentioned in this article. Hunting doesn’t just mean walking in the woods. You should also plan out a thorough gear prep before you leave.

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