Pike Fishing Guide


August 8, 2022


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Pike Fishing Guide

Pike is far from being an easy fish to catch. To catch them, you need special equipment and precise techniques. You’ll find our best tips for pike fishing in this guide, which includes six articles and three videos. You will also benefit from the advice of three experts in the field.

In this article, you will discover:

Fishing gear

Get the right equipment

Best Gear for Pike Fishing: Essentials from a Specialist

Rapala lures

Claude Bissonnette, our fishing expert, tells us about his favourite equipment for pike fishing. From sonar to fishing lures, you will have the complete list of essential equipment to catch this fish.

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Fishing Clothing and Accessories: 10 Essentials to Keep you Shielded from the Elements

Fisherman properly dressed for pike fishing

On long afternoons of fishing, you’re likely to be exposed to all kinds of temperatures. To stay comfortable all day, read this article and find out what clothing and accessories are best for your fishing trips.

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10 Must-Have Fishing Lures

Fishing lures

Each fishing lure has its own specificities, as well as its associated techniques and fish. In this article, we list the top ten fishing lures sold in our stores. Find out more about each model and select the one that will make you come back a winner from your fishing trip!

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What Type of Life Jacket (PFD) Should You Choose According to Your Water Sport of Choice?

Person wearing a PFD while kayaking

Although fishing is fun, your safety can be at risk if you fish from a boat. That’s why we recommend you to wear a flotation jacket. Read our article to make sure you buy one that is suitable for fishing! All you have to do is have fun!

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We also offer this versatile Mustang PFD if you are a regular water sports enthusiast and want a PFD suitable for every water activity.

Discover some techniques to use

Pike fishing tips and techniques to catch more fish

Fisherman who caught a pike

After having advised you on the essential equipment for pike fishing, it is time to teach you the best techniques from our fishing specialist Claude Bissonnette. From light tackle to ice fishing to fly fishing, you will find the technique that suits you.

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The fishing techniques of Cyril Chauquet | Pike fishing

Cyril Chauquet shares, once again, his selection of fishing lures and his favourite technique to catch a pike quickly. Follow him in his fishing adventure in this video.

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Les Flots x Hooké | Pike Fishing

For more information, follow the Hooké team in a day of fishing. They try to catch a pike on the fly while sharing their best tips.

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Ice fishing for pike

The Most Popular Ice Fishing Fish Species: Perch, Pike, and Walleye

Fishing on a frozen lake

Pike is a fish that can also be caught in winter. Find out more about ice fishing in this article such as the ideal equipment, the best area to find this type of fish or the best time of day to go fishing.

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