Small game hunting guide


August 8, 2022


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Small game hunting is the perfect way to start your hunting career! In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to go small game hunting.

In this article, you will discover:

Shop small game hunting gear

To be well equipped for small game hunting

Waterfowl hunting: our best tips on how to dress

Hunter properly dressed for migratory bird hunting

Hunting migratory birds requires specific clothing and camouflage. Éric Martineau, hunting specialist, offers you articles  from coats to socks, you will have everything you need!

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Hunting clothes: Tips for Making the Best Choice

Small game Hunting clothing

Hunting is a physical activity that requires patience. It is therefore important to feel comfortable in your clothes. But also, they must be adapted to the species being hunted. Read this article to know which camouflage and which fabric to choose for small game. We also take this opportunity to leave you some tips and information about the multi-layer system to allow you to hunt even during the winter.

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Also take advantage of these two videos from the FédéCP and Born To Hunt to learn more about the appropriate clothing for this type of hunting and the type of camouflage adapted.

FédéCP | How to dress for hunting

Born to Hunt | Camouflage Essentials for Hunting

Top tips to choose the right hunting boots

Hunter climbing with hunting boots

Still on the subject of clothing, there are different types of boots depending on the type and location of hunting you prefer. Insulation, waterproofing, material, Martin Leonard gives you all the elements to take into account to make the right choice.

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Small Game Hunting: The Best Gear for Ruffed Grouse and Snowshoe Hare

Small game

Read this article to have a summary of the essential information to know to go hunting small game: the dates of hunting, the weapons to choose as well as clothing and equipment.

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Hunting Backpack: A list of essentials to bring along

Hunting backpack

Now that you’ve chosen your outfit, it’s time to gather all the necessary equipment. To make sure you don’t forget anything, we invite you to consult our list of essential equipment for small game hunting.

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The GPS, an Essential Tool for Hunting

Hunters who hunt small game in the forest

When you follow the trail of a small game, you can quickly find yourself lost in the forest. Think of equipping yourself with a GPS to locate hunting areas or simply to find your way back. You won’t be able to do without it!

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Migratory Bird Hunting | Three Types of Waterfowl Caches

To hunt waterfowl, you have three choices of blinds : the A-frame bunker, the bed or the grave. Watch our video to find the one that will suit your hunting style!

Choosing the right rifle

Hunting Shotguns: The Features and Criteria to Consider Before Selecting the Right One

Hunting shotguns

Choosing a shotgun is not an easy decision and you can’t choose it randomly. Depending on the species being hunted, the gun and caliber may vary. Find out which model suits your needs in this article.

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The ABCs of Hunting Rifles

Hunting rifles

Discover several things to consider when shopping for a hunting rifle. Afterwards, we invite you to talk to one of our in-store specialists for more advice.

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Hunting with a crossbow | Characteristics of this throwing weapon

If you don’t want to hunt with a rifle, the crossbow option is just as suitable for small game hunting. Learn more in this video!

To introduce you to small game hunting

Migratory Bird Hunting: Basic Tips for Planning Your Next Hunting Trip

Small game

Before going hunting, it is important to be well informed about all aspects of the sport. In this article, you will learn what license is required for this type of hunting, what are the ideal dates depending on the species being hunted and some tips on equipment.

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Small Game Hunting: Useful Information for Getting Started and Harvesting Ruffed Grouse

Hunters who hunt small game in the forest

If you are new to small game hunting, this article is for you! We go over the essential information you need to know before you head out on your adventure! From the best time to hunt to how you harvest small game. You’ll be able to know it all!

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Born to Hunt | Introduction to small game hunting

If you want to know more about this activity, find, once again, Born to Hunt in this video to take advantage of their advice to introduce you to small game hunting.

Where to hunt small game?

Small Game Hunting: 3 Recommendations from Sépaq

Small game

In this article, you will discover three places that are ideal for small game hunting. You will find ruffed grouse, spruce grouse and snowshoe hares. Don’t wait any longer and get out there!

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