Valentine’s Day Gifts with a Winter Twist


February 2, 2021


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Gift ideas valentines day

Forget the flowers and chocolate. Instead, offer a Valentine’s Day gift that will make your loved one want to go out into the fresh air and fully enjoy the great snowy wonderland of winter! Get inspired with our list of perfect gift ideas for nature lovers. To make the most out of Valentine’s Day and create special memories, give a thoughtful gift that suits your loved one’s personality and interests, whether he or she has a thirst for adventure, family time, or cozy meals by the fire.

In this article you will find winter Valentine's day gifts ideas:

  1. For the adventurers
  2. For those who love fashion
  3. For the winter sport fanatics
  4. For the hiking aficionados
  5. For the techies
  6. For the foodies
  7. For new parents

For the adventurers

Gift ideas valentines day

Is your valentine constantly dreaming of the next expedition? Look through his or her outdoor or camping items and see if you can spot something that may be missing; a useful accessory, some technical gear, or a must-have he or she has been eyeing. To help you, think about your most recent nature outing: did you hear complaining about uncomfortable boots, an old camping mattress…etc.? Was there a crucial moment where a headlamp, an hydration pack, or a quick-dry towel was needed?
Maybe he or she would like to try out winter camping! In this case, see all the gear required in our Winter Camping Guide.

How about binoculars, a GPS, a multi-purpose knife, a lantern, or candles? All these are great gift ideas for the adventure-seeker.

Outdoor Gear

For those who love fashion

Valentine's Day gifts for style enthusiasts

The one you love likes going out in winter, but prefers to do so in style? Trust your instincts and choose high-performance and useful pieces of clothing items like a lightweight sleeveless vest, wrinkle-resistant shirt, stretch pants, warm sweatshirt, or super-insulated coat.

All you’ll have left to do is pick out a key piece from the vast selection of clothing that is suited just as much to the outdoors as it is to the cottage. If your sweetheart is environmentally-conscious and/or loves buying local, why not select an item from a Canadian brand?

Women’s Clothing Men’s Clothing


For the winter sport fanatics

Valentine's Day gift ideas for winter sports enthusiasts

He or she is really into winter sports? Why not offer a new pair of high-performance snowshoes, ice cleats for hiking, walking poles, or even cross-country skis? As for accessories, there are also gaiters, heated insoles, and even waxing kits! For sports clothes, a winter sports fanatic can never have too many pairs of merino wool socks, base layers and other technical clothing. One thing’s for sure, his or her eyes will light up thinking about how soon he or she can get outside and try it out!

Winter Sports Gear

For the hiking aficionados

Valentine's Day gifts for adventure enthusiasts

Your other half likes to go on long, adventurous hikes? Shop expedition packs and backpacks to find the bag that maximizes space or resists water!

Travel bags Backpacks Compression & Dry Bags

For the techies


Valentine's Day gift ideas for electronics enthusiasts.

What’s a romantic gift for someone who loves technology? A solar-powered charger, a water-resistant camera, a sonar, a smartwatch or fitness tracker that calculates heart rate are some options! Practical for any kind of sport, these technological treasures will be sure to charm this person.

Sonars Electronics

For the foodies

Valentine's Day gift ideas for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

Those who appreciate good food and the pleasure of cooking generally also enjoy doing it outdoors. Pans, grills, utensils, coffee pot and other camping accessories designed to prepare a great meal in the outdoors, even in winter, are very creative ideas. Here’s another surprise idea: a smoker! Portable or electric versions are available, and this tool will cook up some amazing, tasty meals that you’ll be able to enjoy together.


For new parents

Gift idea for new parents who love the outdoors.

You’ve just recently added a little one to your family? Give yourself a gift as a couple to carry your baby during each of your activities with a jogging stroller, a baby carrier, or a set to take your baby along on skis. We’d be willing to bet that the thought of these special moments spent as a family will make your loved one beam!

Child Carriers Strollers & Trailers

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