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What to put in your first fishing tackle box: 8 essentials for beginners


April 11, 2022


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New anglers

Fishing may not be your passion yet, but you plan to do a bit of jigging every other day this summer? Already an angler and have a feeling your children might like it, but you aren’t sure where to start to introduce them to your sport of choice? No problem. Follow our list of eight essentials to add to a first tackle box for apprentices and make the first outing a success.

In this article, you will learn more about the right gear for your first fishing trip:

  1. A fishing rod and reel combo
  2. Lures
  3. Practical tools and accessories
  4. A fishing rod case
  5. A boat seat
  6. Protective fishing clothing
  7. A life jacket
  8. A tackle box

1. A fishing rod and reel combo

Spinning rod

Instead of getting lost with the wide range of fishing rods on the market, look for or put together a set with a light to medium power spinning rod and a 2000, 2500 or 3000 size spinning reel. This is a good base to outsmart trout, walleye and even bass! And if the objective is limited to staying on the shore to fish for yellow perch or sunfish with your little ones, an ultralight model is all you need.

There are also fishing rod and reel combos for kids if you want to introduce your little ones to the pleasures of fishing.

Rod & Reel Kits Kids’ Kits

2. Lures


Once you’ve got your fishing rod and spinning reel combo, you’ll want to cast lures that can be supported by your line. Beware of heavy lures. Spoons, spinners and hard baits of all shapes and colours, lures are artificial baits to attract fish based on their habitat and species. Also, get soft plastic lures in a variety of shapes and sizes, change lures during your fishing trip and memorize what works best for the species of fish you want to catch.

See our articles on the right equipment for fly fishing:


3. Practical tools and accessories

Fishing pliers

Just like a carpenter, plumber or electrician, an angler must always have his tools handy. Which tools, you may ask? Nothing complicated. A good knife to prepare the catches, but also one to cut the line, a pair of pliers for the stubborn hooks, fishing line and hooks, a landing net to grab your fish before it escapes or just catch some items dropped overboard, a cooler, a towel, some insect repellent, and a box full of worms. Don’t forget your polarized sunglasses!


4. A fishing rod case

Fishing rod case

Not an insignificant detail, a rigid case with a strap will allow you to carry your rod safely and extend its life. Opt for durable, ripstop, and easy-to-care-for nylon.

Rod cases

5. A boat seat

Boat seat

Time can sometimes be long in a rowboat, especially when there are no fish around. It may be a good idea to bring a portable fishing seat to level up your comfort, especially if you suffer from back pain.


6. Protective fishing clothing

Fishing sweater

Plan ahead: the fishing trips that take place either under the scorching sun or light rain are just bad enough for you to become soaked while outside. Mosquitoes and other insects can also be part of the game even when you are in the middle of the lake, well seated in your boat.

Don’t forget to amplify your new fishing wardrobe with a wide-brimmed hat or cap with a mosquito net, some breathable long-sleeves sweaters or shirts, a rain jacket, some rubber boots and even protective pants if you’ll be crossing a wooded area to get to the lake or the river – you don’t want to bring a tick on board.

Learn more about what to look for in your fishing clothes by reading our article on the subject.

Fishing clothing and boots Men’s hats Women’s hats

7. A life jacket

Fishing PFD

Even though you are literally immobile while seated in a rowboat or submerged up to your knees in a river, a life jacket (PFD) is not only essential, but mandatory by law, even if you are in a human-powered watercraft like a canoe or kayak.

Buy a life jacket specially designed for fishing so you can store your lures and enjoy better freedom of movement. Find out more about the fishing PFD in this article.

PFD and vests

8. A tackle box

Tackle box

In order to organize your tools, accessories and lures, you will most certainly want to store them in a compartmentalized tackle box. Quite frankly, no one wants to find their hook stuck in the car seat or their precious lures scattered in the bottom of the boat. To find everything in the same place, the tackle box is the number one accessory in a good basic fishing kit. Enough to make you feel like an experienced angler who already has a ton of stories to tell!

Tackle boxes

Pro tips

  1. To get started and deepen your gear research, check out Cyril Chauquet’s Tackle Boxes and make your choices from the products specially selected by our fishing pro and ambassador.
  2. Check out our complete fishing gear checklist if you want to make sure you don’t forget anything.
  3. Perfect your spinning techniques by reading this article by the FédéCP.

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