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Salomon: The Must-have Brand for Winter Running Shoes


January 17, 2023


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Winter Running Shoes

Running on snow in the winter is really not the same as running in the summer and provides an unrivalled experience. However, when it comes to choosing a pair of winter running shoes, there are a few technical factors to consider, such as a smooth weight transfer on icy surfaces, traction for steep uphill climbs or downhill descents , or the versatility to handle different types of terrain. Here, you can trust Salomon’s expertise, a staple ever since its creation in 1947 in the French Alps, and its iconic Speedcross model, one of the best winter running shoes around.

In this article, you will discover more about Salomon’s expertise when it comes to winter running shoes:

  1. Road or Trail Running: Choosing the Right Winter Running Shoes
  2. Salomon’s Expertise Designing Running Shoes
  3. The Innovative Technology Behind the Speedcross
  4. Complementary Accessories for Your Winter Running Shoes
  5. FAQ

Road or Trail Running: Choosing the Right Winter Running Shoes

If you already run a little, a lot or even obsessively during the summer, it could be tempting to just carry on running in your usual shoes during the cold season. After all, a pair of running shoes is quite expensive, so you might as well make the most of it throughout the entire year, right? Wrong, says the SAIL team. It is very important to wear shoes specifically designed to handle winter conditions, ideally a pair of trail running shoes. Here, Salomon’s Speedcross model stands out from the competition. Let’s explore the reasons why.

Salomon’s Expertise Designing Running Shoes

The French brand has been an important player in the alpine skiing gear industry for over 70 years, but it earned its enviable spot in the running shoe market towards the end of the 21st century. With its iconic Speedcross model, launched in 2006, Salomon changed the rules of the game and even contributed to the birth of trail running as a sport. Light, with plenty of grip and protection, the Speedcross running shoes have conquered even the most demanding of runners, while also adapting to the lightning-fast evolution of the sport with its six versions, each of them perfected over the years.

What makes the Speedcross model stand out from other trail running shoes? We unveil all its secrets.

To know more about the history and legacy of the Speedcross, read the article on Salomon’s website.

Winter Running Shoes Salomon Speedcross

The Innovative Technology Behind the Speedcross

Designed for fast running over rolling terrain, the Speedcross shoes also protect runners’ feet from rocks or obstacles and provide stability on the iciest of surfaces, which makes them ideal for both summer and winter running conditions.

Traction Going Up and Downhill

In winter, running on compact or soft snow requires a stable footing. Even more so on rolling terrain. This is why the Speedcross model features a Mud Contragrip outsole with deep, sharp lugs arranged in a chevron pattern. This provides an exceptional multi-directional traction on any uneven terrain, both when climbing uphill and running back down.

Comfortable Feet

Looking inside the shoes, the OrthoLite insole was molded to hug the contours of your feet. This provides the perfect level of cushioning, breathability and durability, as well as added comfort and better performance. The same applies for the midsole, which uses the EnergyCell+ technology, a high-rebound compound that provides exceptional energy return along with substantial cushioning and durability.

Easy Lacing System and Foot Support

When it’s cold and you’re wearing gloves, the last thing you want is to fumble with your shoelaces. The Speedcross is equipped with a smart Quicklace lacing system, which allows you to put on or take off your shoes in one move, with a single hand. Add to this SensiFit technology and a completely welded stitch-free upper and you get shoes that fit like a glove and cradle your feet from the midsole to the lacing system. This allows for a secure, snug and virtually customized fit all around the foot for great support and a softer running experience.

Infallible Protection

Finally, the Speedcross running shoes have a GORE-TEX membrane to protect from both rain and sweat and keep your feet dry. They are also made using a water-repellent fabric and a tight anti-debris mesh that prevents rocks, branches and other debris from the trail from being trapped between the foot and the footbed.

Complementary Accessories for Your Winter Running Shoes

Once you have a good pair of running shoes, all you need are a few additional accessories so you can go out running safely.

Ice Cleats

While the deep lugs on most trail running shoes are enough when it comes to running in the rain, mud or compact snow, grabbing a good pair of winter ice cleats is always advised when you expect to run over icy terrain. You can choose a model with carbon tips, which are both light and durable.

To help you choose the right winter ice cleats, read our complete guide.

Merino Wool Socks

If you have a good pair of winter running shoes, you’re already guaranteed that your feet will stay warm and dry. But what about your lower legs? The SAIL team recommends getting a pair of merino wool socks, a fabric known for its exceptional thermal properties. You can also add a pair of low gaiters to your kit and protect your ankles by preventing the snow and cold from seeping in.

Versatile Clothes

All that’s left is to dress up warm… But not too warm! It’s always best to choose a versatile outfit made using insulating but breathable fabrics. Again, merino wool is a winning choice here, particularly when it comes to base layers (underwear, sweaters, hats). For leggings and your other mid-layers, you can also opt for synthetic fabrics, which handle sweat or rubbing quite well. When choosing outer shells, look for clothing with reflective strips so you remain visible even when it is cloudy or dark outside.

To learn more about dressing like a pro for winter running, read the article on our blog.


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