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3 easy space saving tips for your backpack

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Two thoughts often enter the minds of travelers: “I want to take” versus “Should I take.” Here are 3 tips to save space in your travel bag to avoid the inner conflict.

1-Use a compression sack

Suggested brand: Osprey

There’s no doubt that the compression sack is a traveling fashionista’s best friend, as it alloutdoor hiking bagows for tons of room for packing as many clothes as the sack can take.

They come in all sizes, ranging from 8 liters to 30 liters. The compression sack can also be used to separate clean clothes from dirty ones; effectively organize your clothes -shirts in a bag, undergarments in another bag, etc… Or to significantly reduce the amount of space your sleeping bag takes.


2-Choose clothes that go well with each other

Do not make the mistake of putting together many little outfits.

Example: Instead of bringing your fuchsia/tangerine shirt that goes perfectly with your grey pants, opt for a blue shirt that goes fabulously with your grey pants, beige shorts and black bathing suit.

Complementary clothing is key.

However, make sure that they adapt well to the temperature of the visiting country, and prioritize bringing polyester clothing and merino wool: lighter, comfortable options and easy to dry.

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Photo: Icebreaker

Photo: Icebreaker

Marmot trestle3- Opt for a lighter sleeping bag

Suggested brand: Marmot, Mountain Hardwear

Unless you’re going for a trek in the mountains for several days,  you really won’t be needing a sleeping bag of -40 degrees. Because what says heat, also says more weight.

Instead, opt for a lighter three season bag that will ensure the maximum comfort without taking extra space at the bottom of your bag.


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Also available in: French