Camping Gear Checklist: Don’t leave Your Must-Haves Behind


May 12, 2021


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Camping Gear Checklist

Heading out camping can be stressful knowing that you’ll be quite a few kilometers into the woods. We thought it wise to offer you some judicious advice on the list of essentials you’ll need to make sure you have everything you need…and leave nothing behind.

Check out our Camping Guide to learn even more tips and advice on this activity, which is just as enjoyable to do with others or alone in the four corners of the country.

Where will you be camping and how will you get there?

You’ll need different types of gear if you’ll be wild camping than you would if you’re planning to camp at a private site, a national park, or in a trailer.

If you’ll be walking to your campsite, you’ll want to minimize what you bring with you. Whereas, if you’re heading out in your vehicle, you’ll have the luxury of bringing more gear along – ready to face any unexpected situation.

If camping means “adventure” for you, this escape necessitates careful planning to avoid unwanted surprises. A simple oversight can be difficult to juggle, and you want to make sure you’re set to enjoy, not set to panic.

Have you considered the comfort factor?

Although you aren’t at home, eating a hot meal, sleeping well, and keeping your food fresh are the basis of comfort.

It’s also important to plan to have the right size tent for the campers included; as a tent that is too large means you’ll lose heat. Make sure your tent is impermeable and has good aeration. Add a mat, a sleeping bag, and a pillow to maximize your comfort level. Don’t forget to bring extra protective covers, as you never know what the weather can throw your way.

What’s another crucial element? Wear weather-adapted clothing and make appropriate selections based on the activities that you’ll be doing that day. Don’t underestimate how cool nights can get, even during the month of July; merino wool socks and a warm, polar fleece zip-up sweater can really help.

Finally, don’t forget to eat well during your excursion and bring along the necessary materials to prepare a delicious meal.

How should you organize your equipment?

If you’ll be using a recreational vehicle, you’ll have much more space to transport more gear. You’ll want to keep all your things in more or less the same spot so you won’t have to go looking for your poles or stove when you arrive.

A good tip is to compartmentalize and store your gear in sealed, labeled boxes. Kind of like if you were moving.

If you’ll be heading out with only an expedition backpack, it’s essential to pack your belongings in a strategic way. Not only will this help you with weight distribution and avoid you hurting your back, but you’ll know exactly where your things are and how to access them quickly.

  • At the bottom of your bag: place larger objects and gear that you won’t need until you arrive, such as your mat and sleeping bag.
  • Middle part of your pack: Heavier equipment, such as camp cooking equipment.
  • Top section of your bag: Keep this part for your clothes and items that you may need during your hike.

Important note: consider bringing a backpack cover in case of rain; you don’t want your things to become drenched.

Why make a camping checklist?

A list allows you to remember everything that you need, but also to track objects that you may have brought that you didn’t need, or to take note of what items you’d like to include next time. Take a few minutes to log this info when you get back from your trip. It’ll save you time when planning your next adventure.

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