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5 tips for the perfect canoe-camping journey

Canoe-camping is one of the most pleasant group activities to practice outdoors. However, it requires a preparation that is slightly higher than average. Here are 5 tips to make the most out of your next adventure.

At the end of this article you will also find a complete list of equipment to better help you plan your activities.

1.      Determine the path

This is the first thing to do before you venture out in this type of getaway.

The Priority? Observe the physical abilities of the group.

By setting the time of year to go, the duration of your adventure and travel distances, everyone in your group can take full advantage of the expedition which will help you determine what materials to take.

2.      Choosing the right equipment for canoeing

For your first trip, renting a canoe is a good alternative before buying one. The SÉPAQ and national parks rent out boats that are well suited for first trips.

Having your own life jacket however, is a big advantage! A jacket suitable for water sports will give you more freedom of movement and better comfort than a rental jacket.

Several options are available: with pockets, knife holder, in many colors, styles and there are even jackets for children.

Think safety first and wear your jacket at all times.

To transport your equipment, you will also need waterproof bags or barrels. Barrels are very practical, easy to assemble, and they are perfect to safely place food away from animals.

Do not forget your whistle, a good pouch to keep things dry, and a compass or GPS, as it is easy to lose your way on large lakes.


3.      Select the right material

I strongly suggest a two or three person tent since large tents are difficult to place in the barrels.

A good tent will let you sleep dry while a sleeping bag and mattress will give you the necessary heat for a good night’s rest. Make sure they are adaptable to the temperatures that you will face during your adventure.

Choose synthetic materials for your sleeping bag, as they require less maintenance and stay warm even when wet.

Remember to bring your matches and your portable saw to help make a fire in the evening. Resect regulations regarding this.

4.      A well-dressed canoeist = a happy canoeist

Choose light sweaters with sun protection “rashguard” and pants to avoid sunburn and insect bites.

Do not forget your warm clothes for the cool evenings and nights.

Again, choose synthetic materials that will dry faster. Chances are pretty good that they will become wet at one time or another!

5.      A little luxury

Paddling all day doesn’t give you the luxury of sitting back, so take a small size chair to help support your back.

Make sure everything is in order before you leave; keep this list handy to ensure that no product is missed.

Download our canoe-camping checklist

Happy canoe-camping!

Canoe Camping Checklist