6 top spots for moose hunting in Quebec and Ontario


June 12, 2023


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Moose Hunting Destinations

You’ve gathered a group of hunters together, you’ve been practising your game calling technique as well as your aim, and you’ve brushed up on all the legal restrictions and requirements for big game hunting in your area. Now, all that’s left to do is to find the best moose hunting destination for your next trip! Here is our list of six wildlife reserves and outfitters you should definitely check out if you’re looking for the largest specimens in Quebec and Ontario.

If you would like to know more about moose hunting, don’t hesitate to ask one of our experts in store. They will be happy to share their hunting secrets, and to make sure you take the right gear and the best clothes with you.

In this article, you will discover the best moose hunting spots:

  1. Réserve faunique de Matane - Gaspésie
  2. Pourvoirie Le Chasseur - Bas-Saint-Laurent
  3. Pourvoirie du Lac Oscar - Mauricie
  4. Pourvoirie La Baronnie de Kamouraska - Bas-Saint-Laurent
  5. Gray Wood Outfitters - Ontario
  6. Northern Walleye Lodge - Ontario

Moose hunting in Québec

Réserve faunique de Matane – Gaspésie

With one of the largest moose concentrations in Québec (32 animals per 10 km², according to the 2021 survey), the Matane Wildlife Reserve is a Québec moose hunting destination of choice. It is divided into 38 sectors and moose hunting stays are assigned through a random draw at the beginning of the year (for Québec residents only) to ensure fair access to the best hunting spots.

Some moose-hunting stays are offered under the American plan at Auberge de montagne des Chic-Chocs. They include meals and the services of an experienced guide to help you harvest one or two moose. European packages are also available, with or without a guide.

Pourvoirie Le Chasseur – Bas-Saint-Laurent

Located on a huge territory featuring mixed forest, lakes and rivers, the Pourvoirie Le Chasseur’s name is quite apt, as it is a true paradise for black bear and deer hunters. The moose population has been constantly increasing since 1996 (the population density was then estimated at 9 animals per 10 km²). Now, based on aerial surveys and annual harvest data, the population is estimated at more than 16 moose per 10 km². Some stays are offered in the lodge under the American plan, and others in cottages under the European plan. As Marcel Proulx (alias Doctor Moose), a well-known guide at the outfitters, likes to say: “Never give up, stay focused, don’t lose hope, keep hunting until the very last minute.”

Pourvoirie du Lac Oscar – Mauricie

Located in La Tuque, in Haute-Mauricie, the Pourvoirie du Lac Oscar is a playground covered with thickets, mixed forests, conifers, leafy trees, lakes and swamps. But the place’s best assets are the fact that you can start hunting three weeks before the start of the season in zone 26, and the access to one of the biggest exclusive hunting territories in Quebec (234 km² divided into several sectors of 12 to 28 km² each). Stays include cabin accommodation, each located on a lakeshore or a riverbank, and access to over 30 roofed watchtowers.

Pourvoirie La Baronnie de Kamouraska – Bas-Saint-Laurent

Nested at an altitude of 550 m and surrounded by small mountains harbouring a richly preserved natural environment, the quaint La Baronnie de Kamouraska outfitter is a natural wonder located at the heart of the Appalachian mountain range, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region. Its exclusive 65.2 km² territory, with its beautiful hundred-year-old leafy and coniferous forest and young thickets, is known as a fantastic moose, black bear and bird (partridge and migratory birds) hunting area. A hunting trip to La Baronnie is a great opportunity to enjoy an intimate stay in a newly renovated cabin surrounded by a magical setting.

Moose hunting in Ontario

Gray Wood Outfitters – Ontario

The wild regions in northern Ontario make for some of the best moose hunting spots in Canada. Such is true of the Nakia region (where Gray Wood Outfitters is located), with an estimated moose population of nearly 3 000 animals. Moose in this area experience low hunting pressure, which allows them to grow older and larger than any other area in Ontario. Males are known to exceed 1 500 lbs and have antler spreads surpassing 60 inches.

What’s more, the Outfitters boasts a nearly 100% success rate in the moose draw (Ontario residents only) for hunting stays and some extra tags are sometimes available for hunters who weren’t successful in other regions of the province. Why not enjoy it?

Northern Walleye Lodge – Ontario

The Chapleau sector, in Central Ontario, is another spot that’s well known by those hunting the king of the forest. The Northern Walleye Lodge, for example, is located near Lake Dog, west of the Missinaibi Provincial Park, north of Chapleau, and offers great moose hunting stays. Experienced hunters know that moose are usually more present in areas where the deer population is low, which is the case on the territory of the Northern Walleye Lodge. Here, the deer population is practically non-existent and as such, the moose population is extremely high. The family-run business’s team has great tips and tricks to ensure its customers have a great stay and a successful harvest.


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