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Big Game Hunting Guide


October 21, 2022


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Big game hunting

If you dream of harvesting big game, keep in mind that preparing your initiation to this activity is not an easy task. To help you as much as possible, we have gathered all the articles on the subject in this guide. When you are done reading, you will have all the information you need to get started!

In this article, you will discover:

  1. Hunting with the right equipment
  2. All about moose hunting
  3. All about deer hunting
  4. All about black bear hunting

Hunting with the right equipment

Hunting clothes: Tips for Making the Best Choice

best hunting clothingHunting is not a leisure activity that can be improvised. Before you go, find out what you need to wear. We tell you everything you need to know in this article! From the type of fabric to the camouflage patterns, you’ll have the perfect outfit for hunting big game.

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FédéCP | How to dress for hunting

This video goes into more detail about the proper attire for big game hunting. The Federation even gives you tips on the multi-layer system so you can keep hunting during the winter.

Born to Hunt | Camouflage Essentials for Hunting Season

When choosing a hunting outfit, you need to consider the type of species you’re hunting in order to choose the right camouflage pattern. Learn about the proper pattern for big game hunting in this video from Born to Hunt.

Born to Hunt | Essential Gear for Big Game Hunting

Born to Hunt is back once again to share their favorite big game hunting gear with you. From scent eliminators to binoculars, you’ll have everything you need in your hunting backpack!

Hunting Backpack: A list of essentials to bring along

essentials hunting backpackSpeaking of a hunting backpack, here is an article that not only lists the essential gear you should put in it, but also suggests a selection of practical backpacks designed for hunting.

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Top tips to choose the right hunting boots

tips to choose hunting bootsThe choice of boots is not to be taken lightly either. Different factors need to be taken into account such as hunting season, personal technique and terrain. Find out in this article what type of boots you should buy.

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Hunting Shotguns: The Features and Criteria to Consider Before Selecting the Right One

characteristics hunting rifleTo hunt big game, you have several choices of weapons. First, you can choose a shotgun. In this article, you will learn which type of shotgun is best suited for big game hunting.

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The ABCs of Hunting Rifles

hunting riflesYou can also opt for a hunting rifle. This article talks about different models, what caliber is suitable for big game and what you should consider before buying.

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Crossbow Hunting | Characteristics of This Throwing Weapon

If the first two choices of weapons did not convince you, you can also hunt big game with a crossbow. Come and discover all our tips in this video and you will never miss a shot!

The GPS, an Essential Tool for Hunting

hunting GPSDon’t go hunting without a GPS. It will help you find hunting areas easily and find your way back if you ever get lost while tracking your prey. Find out more in this article.

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Everything You Need to Know About Hunting Cameras

hunting camerasIn addition to a GPS, you can equip yourself with a hunting camera. It will allow you to know your hunting ground before you even get there. This is a good strategy for a successful hunt! Learn more in this article.

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All about moose hunting

The best clothes to wear for moose hunting

clothing for moose huntingThere are many species of big game to hunt, and each has its own specificities and techniques. Read this article to find out what types of outfit, fabric and camouflage are suitable for this big game.

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Moose Hunting: 5 Essential Products to Bring to Optimize Your Experience

5 essential products for moose hunting

If your goal is to hunt moose, you need to be well equipped. We’ve put together the five products we think will help you the most. Discover them in this article.

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Moose Hunting: 5 Essential Products to Bring to Optimize Your Experience

equipment moose huntingIn this article, we remind you not only of the necessary equipment, but also of all the specific information you need to know about moose, such as the best dates and places for hunting them, the ideal weapons and many other tips. Get informed!

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6 Useful Tips for Moose Hunting

6 tips for moose huntingIf you’re looking for a comprehensive article on moose hunting, this is it. This article presents our top six tips and outlines all the essentials to make your next hunt a success.

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All about deer hunting

Deer Hunting | Three tips for getting started

In the big game category, there is also the white-tailed deer. We give you our best tips so you can get a good start in deer hunting.

Deer Hunting Season: Five Essential Products to Add to Your Gear

deer hunting 5 essential productsAs explained in this video, and just like for moose hunting, it is essential to have the right equipment if you’re hoping to catch a deer. We discuss the five basic products you should have when you go hunting for this big game.

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5 Tips for Deer Hunting

5 tips for deer huntingIf you’re looking for a guide to deer hunting, here it is. From hunting dates to scouting, you’ll know everything!

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8 White-Tailed Deer Hunting Locations in the Different Regions of Quebec and Ontario

8 white tailed deer hunting locationsNow that you know everything about deer hunting, it’s time to get started. Here are our top eight places to find plenty of deer and have a successful hunt.

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All about black bear hunting

Hunting Black Bear: An Introduction to this Underestimated Big Game

hunting black bearFor a thrilling experience, go on a black bear hunt! We give you the essential information for an introduction to this exceptional hunt.

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