15 gift ideas to make a camper happy


November 1, 2023


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Gift ideas for camping

Looking for THE best present to make your favourite camping enthusiast happy? Here’s a selection of 15 gift ideas perfect for all types of campers. Seeing as it can take years to gather all the gear needed to create a perfect camping kit, your contribution will be truly invaluable, no matter your budget! And don’t forget: if you’re feeling unsure about which option to pick, you can always go for a gift card instead! 

In this avec les rticle, you will discover our 15 best gift ideas for camping enthusiasts:

  1. A camping chair to make sitting by the fire more comfortable
  2. A gift for campers who want to sleep like a baby: a camping mat
  3. A three-season tent for memorable nights under the stars
  4. A sleeping bag to sleep like a log
  5. Heaters to keep you warm
  6. A cooler to keep food fresh
  7. A camping lantern to warm up the tent
  8. A knife for all occasions
  9. Camping dishware, so you can eat as well camping as you would at home
  10. A stove to cook on, to warm up or to recharge your phone
  11. A hydration pack
  12. A portable shower
  13. A portable barbecue
  14. A first aid kit
  15. A canoe or kayak

A camping chair or hammock

There’s nothing better than a bit of comfort when you’re camping. When it comes to sitting down to eat, drink a warm cup of coffee or relax by the fire, a camping chair is the ultimate luxury. It is a true essential for any glamping or car camping enthusiast.
And we’re not talking about those stiff, uncomfortable chairs with a straight back; we’re referring to the kind of foldable chairs that feel so comfy it’s hard to leave them. Whether you’re looking for something ultra-light and minimalist (compact enough to fit in a backpack), or something padded and heated for the camper who’s always cold, find the model that’s bound to please!
And for even deeper relaxation, what could be better than a hammock? Gifting a hammock is like treating your loved one to hours of ultimate relaxation, swaying between two trees. If you’re looking for a convenient, sturdy and compact model to give to your favourite camper, check out brands like ENO, Sea to Summit, or SAIL!

A camping mat or cot bed

Without the right equipment, sleeping in a tent isn’t always a pleasant experience. The ground is too hard, too soft, too cold… We all know someone who’s just like the Princess and the Pea! All you need to solve this problem is a good camping mat. Great news: if you want some guidance, you can check out our selection of the best camping mats on our blog!
Gone are the days of settling for thin foam pads or inflatable mattresses that deflate in the middle of the night; the most recent models incorporate the best technologies to enhance sleep quality. Take baffle construction inflatable camping mats, for example. They are comfortable, provide great weight distribution and excellent cold insulation thanks to an internal layer of ultrathin thermal film. No more excuses for poor sleep! If you want to dive deeper, see how to choose a camping sleeping pad on our blog!
And if you’re shopping for a friend, cousin or parent who’s more into glamping than wilderness camping, consider getting them a cot bed! Choose a lightweight, compact model that will keep your loved one comfortably off the ground. Brands like Eureka, SAIL and Helinox provide great options!

A three-season tent

One of the best parts of camping? Setting up a tent and feeling at home, even in the middle of the woods. A new tent can therefore be the ultimate gift for a camping enthusiast! But to get it right, you must first identify the wants and needs of the person you’re shopping for. Does your loved one enjoy car camping or prefer to go on multi-day hiking adventures? Should you opt for a big, roomy tent or a more minimalist model? To make things easier, take a look at our articles on the best family camping tents or the best backpacking tents!
If you think a family tent is the way to go, look for comfortable, sturdy models with plenty of room. You can’t go wrong with brands like The North Face (Wawona model) or Marmot (Limestone model). Spacious vestibule, great vertical height, lots of floor space… your loved one will have no shortage of comfort!
For a backpacker, you can turn to models such as the Big Agnes Blacktail 3-person tent or the Nemo Hornet Osmo 2.
To learn more, read our article on how to choose the right camping tent.

A sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is probably the most important item in any camper’s gear kit. It is virtually impossible to have a good camping experience if you are too warm, too cold, or if the shape of your sleeping bag doesn’t fit your body. It’s also very important to choose the right level of insulation for the season. Sleeping bag temperature ratings vary between 15 °C and -40 °C, and you should take into account both the comfort and the limit ratings.
You should also consider the bag’s material (down insulation is warmer, but also more expensive than synthetic insulation), its shape (mummy sleeping bags are more popular as they reduce heat loss), its size (small, regular, long)… Read our article to find out how to choose, wash, or store a sleeping bag.
If you plan on giving a sleeping bag as a gift to someone who loves camping, it’s a good idea to ask discreetly about their camping habits and preferences. What’s their favourite time of year for camping? Do they prefer car camping or backpacking? How are they built? With all this knowledge, you’ll have no trouble finding the best sleeping bag for your loved one!

Heaters to keep you warm

The person you’ll give a heater to will likely be eternally grateful. And so will his or her toes! Joking aside, the evenings can be cold when camping early or late in the season, and a portable heater can bring just the right touch of comfort. Whether they have to be plugged into an outlet or run on propane gas, heaters provide a safe, gentle heat that will be very much enjoyed by those campers who tend to always feel chilly.

A cooler to keep food fresh

A cooler is a must for gourmet campers who like to eat (and drink) well, even in the wilderness. Quality coolers can sometimes be expensive, so they can make a great surprise gift for someone you love! There are two main criteria to look for when choosing a cooler: its sturdiness and its ability to keep food cold. Yeti has become a staple brand in this area over the last few years. Its colourful and virtually indestructible coolers will tag along on every camping trip and last for decades. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative, the SAIL brand also offers a nice range of products with great value for money.

Read our article on camping cooking essentials to find more gift ideas for campers.

A camping lantern to warm up the tent

Camping candles and lanterns are a simple yet very clever idea for gift giving on a budget. Not only do they illuminate the picnic table, but they also create a warm, cozy atmosphere at the campsite. Some models, like the ones from UCO, have even been designed to warm up the inside of a tent. Yes, you read that right: a candle in a tent. Don’t worry; UCO candle lanterns are safe and won’t pose a risk of setting your loved one’s belongings on fire. They also provide comfortable warmth (in addition to reducing humidity) and a nice, natural light lasting up to nine hours per candle. It’s the perfect gift idea for those who enjoy a well-lit campsite!

A knife for all occasions

An experienced camper always carries a good knife or multi-tool! Useful for cooking, fixing equipment or cutting kindling, it’s an essential accessory – and an excellent gift – for any outdoor enthusiast. These tools come in all shapes and sizes, from the simplest pocket knife to the cleverest multi-tool. Among the brands offering the widest choice of products, Leatherman and Opinel always deliver excellent value.

Camping dishware, so you can eat as well camping as you would at home

If going from an occasional camper to a more regular one, it can be a good idea to get the right equipment to eat well while out camping. To make it easier, there are some very clever dishware and cooking sets. Compact, light and sturdy, their nesting design ensures all dishware (including mugs, bowls, plates and sometimes pots) fit together and use up as little space as possible. Some of the models which have proven themselves amongst experienced campers include the SAIL Cook Lite (for two or four people), the MSR Quick 2 or Flex 4, and the GSI Infinity.

A stove to cook on, to warm up or to recharge your phone

This gift for campers is for those who need comfort and technology… even in the middle of the woods. Biolite, which has won awards for the ingenuity of several of its camp stoves, offers two truly remarkable products. The first one is the Campstove2+, which turns fire into electricity. Running on branches and twigs, it uses combustion technology to create a vortex of smokeless flames which allow you to cook your meals while also charging your electrical devices.
The FirePit+ is an electric campfire that produces warmth, and the smell and crackle sound of a real campfire, without any of the smoke. All you have to do is add charcoal to turn it into a portable hibachi-style grill (a Japanese-inspired cooking device). For other cooking system ideas, have a look at our range.

To know more about how to choose a camping stove, read our article on the topic.

A hydration pack

When camping (or in the great outdoors in general), water is a central issue. For a quick overnight stay in a tent as for a long hike, campers should always make sure they carry enough drinking water or have something to purify the water they find along the way.
If you’ve already given your loved one an insulated water bottle in the past, you could consider a hydration pack this time around! Whether you choose a backpack or a waist pack, this piece of gear will prove invaluable when your favourite camper needs to cover kilometres of trail to reach a tent-pitching spot.
You can’t go wrong with brands like Osprey, Camelbak or Thule. Choose a capacity to suit your loved one’s needs. A medium reservoir, for instance, is perfect for two-day hikes. For longer multi-day hikes, you’ll want to choose a model with a large reservoir, comfortable back panel and plenty of storage pockets…
Another advantage that makes a hydration pack an excellent gift is its versatility! Whether it’s for hiking, camping, cycling or trail running… there’s no doubt that this bag will be part of just about every outing!

A portable shower

If you’re looking for an original gift idea for a camping enthusiast, look no further than a portable shower! Perfect for “glampers” and backpackers alike, this lightweight, space-efficient accessory is sure to be appreciated after a good day’s hiking!
With a pressure shower, an ultra-lightweight camping shower or even a solar shower… you can make your loved one a very happy camper! And for those who never miss an opportunity to go car camping, consider the portable propane water heater from Martin. It’s perfect for a hot shower after a day outdoors!

A portable barbecue

Some campers take as much (if not more!) pleasure in cooking dinner as they do in pitching a tent. If that sounds like your loved one, then a portable barbecue may very well be the perfect gift! There are several options you can choose from to celebrate the culinary talents of your gift recipient: an electric campfire that converts into a hibachi-style grill, a pellet grill… Of course, even a portable BBQ is still pretty heavy, so this should be reserved for a loved one who prefers car camping over hiking to faraway campsites in the wilderness.
Another perfect option for true epicureans: a portable pizza oven from OONI! Better suited, once again, to car campers, this gift is bound to delight the tastebuds of everyone at the campsite. Gas-powered and easily transportable thanks to its carry cover, the Koda 12 oven goes up to 500 °C (950 °F) in 15 minutes and can successfully bake 30 cm (12″) pizzas in just one minute. That’s enough to keep the whole family happy!

A first aid kit

Anything can happen in the wild. Even the most seasoned of explorers pay particular attention to safety. Be like them and look after your loved ones: give a first-aid kit! It’s hard to come up with a more original gift idea for a camping enthusiast (a pet first-aid kit, perhaps)!
Family first-aid kit, ultra-light kit for backpacking, fanny pack kit… For just a few dozen dollars, you can be sure that your loved one will have all the essentials if something goes wrong in the middle of a camping trip. With brands like FOX40, SAIL or AdventureMedical, you can offer complete, lightweight and safe kits, with all the necessary items for minor medical emergencies: bandages, compresses, antiseptic wipes, scissors, etc.

A canoe or kayak

Your loved one is an avid canoe camper? Gear your search toward nautical gear. There’s no doubt you’ll find a great gift idea, starting with the ultimate must-have: a canoe or kayak!
Of course, this is not exactly a “small” gift you slip into a Christmas stocking, still it’s worth noting that entry-level models are pretty accessible. Give your loved one a head start on their outdoor adventures with trusted brands like Pelican, Old Town and Perception. Sea kayak, touring kayak, tandem kayak or recreational canoe… gift the joy of embarking on waterborne adventures in search of that perfect campsite!

And if you’d like to set off on a canoe-camping trip with your loved one, read our tips for a truly unforgettable experience!

You now have a great list of gift ideas for a camping enthusiast or for someone who’s just starting out! Whether you’re looking for a small gift for a distant cousin or a “big” present for your significant other, you are well equipped to find something to please all the nature lovers in your life. And if you’re not 100% sure what to get, why not consider a gift card? Trust us, your loved one will find a thousand ways to use it!


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