How to Choose a Paddle Board

The popularity of stand-up paddle boards (SUP) is growing, much to the delight of water sports enthusiasts and seekers of summer relaxation. To get the most out of this activity, it is important to choose a SUP board that fits your size, your build, your level of skill, and most importantly, your goals.

Inflatable or Solid

A paddle board can become cumbersome when it comes to putting it away for the winter or, simply, transporting it. That’s why there are two types of boards. While an inflatable board fits in a bag or a cabinet, the solid ones can be up to 12 feet long, must be stored in a garage and require a larger vehicle for transportation.

Surfing fans will likely choose a solid board, even though inflatable boards still allow you to ride the surf.

Performance or Relaxation 

Solid boards are more stable and glide more easily. They are generally made of standard polymer or, even better, fiberglass.

Generally, beginners evolve with their board. Luckily, most SUPs are versatile and perform well in both waves and on smooth, calm water. You must however choose the right length and width for your needs.

Smaller boards are easier to handle and maneuver. Depending on their weight, they offer very good buoyancy and excellent stability.

Adventure Awaits . . . All Aboard!

For a leisurely paddle, yoga on the waves, exploration or relaxation – all can be experienced on your SUP. For sporting expeditions and camping excursions, solid planks longer than 11 feet with a pointed nose area are recommended. The longer the board is, the faster it will go and the more stable it will be to transport your equipment.

Our Choice

To those looking for optimal performance and glide, we recommend the MOOREA Pelican fiberglass SUP.

Pelican Paddle Board

For more paddle boards of all sizes, shop online or visit your nearest SAIL store!