Resolutions: how to make the most of the outdoors on a daily basis

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For the new year, you want to take all sorts of resolutions: get back in shape, take more time for yourself, your couple, your family or your friends, play outside more often, reconnect with nature, have a healthier lifestyle… What if only one resolution could contain that list on its own? Yes, integrate the outdoors to your daily life and there, it is settled! You think it is impossible with your busy schedule? We’ll give you some tricks to get it done.

Get up early

Since Hal Elrod wrote a whole book on the importance of getting up early to achieve fulfillment and to be happy (The Miracle Morning), bloggers and personal development specialists never cease to repeat it: waking up an hour or two earlier than usual to meditate, to move, to read or write is a habit which requires a bit of discipline during the first 30 days. However, at some point it takes root and becomes a part of our routine, to our greatest pleasure. Use this new slot in your agenda to go outside, go for a walk, a run. Go snowshoeing or skating if you’re lucky enough to have this sort of environment close by. Rather than arriving to work still asleep, coffee in hand, you’ll start your day loaded with oxygen, brain lit up, eyes glowing, with a rested complexion, looking like you slept an extra hour.

Go for a walk every noon during the lunch break

To integrate the outdoors to your daily life, during lunch as well, maybe a change in your habits is needed. Give your phone a break and go for a walk to the river, to the park or even to the restaurant where you’ll have lunch. If there are showers available at your workplace, why not take advantage of this and go for a little run? You’ll come back to work energized and ready to tackle your afternoon!

Get yourself an all-terrain stroller or a sled

When the motivation is nowhere to be found, a little being may force us to give ourselves a kick in the butt! If you have a baby, and if going for a walk with the stroller bores you, get yourself a racing model or even an all-terrain model. It will push you to go out and hit the trails, the beach or the fields! If you don’t have a kid, think of adopting a dog! Many of these endearing little beasts in animal shelters are waiting for a family. They will need to go outside several times a day to stretch their little legs.

Snow sleds Jogging strollers

One weekend a month, try a new winter activity

To appreciate winter, you need to know how to make the most of it. Broaden your horizons and take the time, at least one weekend a month, to try a winter sport you’ve never practiced, or barely ever have. You have the classics: snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, skating, hockey, sledding… And you have the originals: ATV in the snow, kitewing, airboarding, snowscooting, etc. The important thing is that you get enough fun out of this to repeat the experience.

Winter sports Snowshoes Cross-country skiing

Move by bike or on foot

Whether it be for your boots or your bicycle’s tires, good spikes and studs will help you move around and continue to be active when the streets are covered in ice and snow. Therefore, if you lack the time to practice your leisure activities, at least your runs to the grocery store will become invigorating outdoor excursions! Still have a few minutes to spare? Dare to make a detour towards a tree-lined location you’ve never been to, or that newly opened bakery in your neighbourhood. The more enjoyable you’ll make your excursions, the more you’ll want to go out again!

Ice cleats

Invite your loved one, your sister, your daughter, your friend or your neighbour to enjoy the outdoors with you

To stick to a resolution, there’s nothing better than sharing it! Let the people around you know about your intentions and invite the ones you love to join in your outdoor activities. Once you’ve selected a date in your agenda, it becomes much harder to back down!

Plan outdoor getaways

From time to time, book three nights, a week or even two in an inn, a lodge, a cabin, a shelter or a campsite, and fully dedicate your escapade to the outdoors, alone or with company! It will be a sort of detox in full nature, playing outside and discovering magical landscapes. It’ll most likely become a tradition, trust us!

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