Your List of Glamping Essentials to Amp up Your Camping


May 26, 2021


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Glamping essentials

What are the essential things to bring when you plan on glamping? Certain things are a no-brainer. Others…not so much! We’ve prepared a list of sophisticated add-ons to amp up your experience if you are a glamper at heart.

Check out our Camping Guide to learn even more tips and advice on this activity, which is just as enjoyable to do with others or alone in the four corners of the country.

What is glamping?

Glamping, which is a word formed by the contraction of the words “glamour” and “camping” is a type of camping that involves more luxurious accomodation and items than those one would instinctively bring along on a camping trip. Glamping can suit any person who is looking to enjoy the beauty of nature without giving up the luxuries of life. In other words, the people who’ve said, “Camping’s just not for me!”

How to amp up your camping experience

Before going glamping, check out our list of essential camp kitchen supplies as well as gear that you should bring with you on any camping trip.

On our end, we’ve put together a list of fun items to have if you’re ready for a more glamorous camping experience.

Of course, the level of glam will often be determined by the length of your stay and the storage space you’ll have available. At this point, I’d like to admit that I do, in fact, camp with my espresso machine for trips of over a week. Every morning, I’m thankful for this little luxury (and our neighbours thank us as well!) They like it when we offer them one and have a little chat!


The perfect gear for glamping

Download the Glamping Essentials Checklist by clicking the button below and printing it out, if needed.
Download the checklist



Nomadic gastronomy


Decor and ambiance

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Article written in collaboration with Manon Lapierre, Founder of La petite Bette Blog

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