Bass Fishing

Bass fishing: The best techniques for the best catches

Bass fishing… the best techniques

Despite its small size, bass is undoubtedly the most popular fish among sport fishermen. Spinning, bait casting or fly fishing, here are the best techniques to feel the line tighten between you and this king.

Where do you fish for bass?

At the beginning of the season, in mid-June, you will find bass in warm, calm and shallow waters. Look for gravel bottoms with shelters, such as rocks or branches, that are directly exposed to the sun.

The equipment… fishing rod, reel, line

A 6 feet 6 inches cane, for average power and weight, is the basic equipment. A spinning reel, on which a braided line will be wound, should already provide you with great fishing sensations. For sight fishing, we recommend the use of polarized glasses.

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Lures: Spinners and crankbaits

To attract bass, use jerkbait type lures, particularly spinnerbaits for seaweed-covered bottoms. These lures will allow you to cover a large area to locate the fish. When bass is located, the use of tubes (Strike king Coffee Tube), crankbaits and plastic lures is recommended.

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Autumn fishing

You dream of epic battles and big catches? Get ready for the end of the season: however, you will need to change your fishing habits, as basses change their strategy. Before the winter, you will find them huddled in schools to hunt in shallow waters, at the mouths of streams and in shallow algae areas. So you will need to prioritize these areas. It will also be necessary to identify the type of prey hunted by bass to adjust your baits accordingly (crankbaits or jig heads, Senko lures, tubes, etc.).

Our advice

Fishing line, plastic lures, reels or casting rods… if you’re still unsure, take a look at Cyril’s tackle box and his complete choice of equipment adapted to your different needs. You can also come to the store for personalized information. Our advisors will reveal tips that only experts know, such as the wind direction to locate schools of fish in rivers, which differs greatly from their location in lakes.

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