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The 12 Best gifts for hunters


December 9, 2022


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Hunting Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for hunters can be a real puzzle. After all, the equipment they require varies depending on the type of game they hunt, their preferred season or even their chosen hunting method. Do they walk a lot? Stalk their prey from a blind or tree stand? While there are lots of things to consider, the good news is that it can take a while for a hunter to complete their hunting kit, so there is bound to be something they dream about but haven’t yet bought. In this article, the SAIL team gives you its shortlist of the best hunting gift ideas so you can get inspired and find the perfect present to fit your loved one’s hunting needs.

In this article, you will discover our best gift ideas for hunters:

  1. A hunting blind
  2. A hunting backpack
  3. A gun lock
  4. A gun safe
  5. A hunting knife
  6. A pair of hunting boots
  7. Base layers
  8. Hunting clothing
  9. Cleaning supplies
  10. A rifle scope
  11. A hunting camera
  12. Game calls or decoys

A hunting blind or tree stand

Some species have excellent visual acuity, which means they can spot hunters as soon as they move, even from a great distance, and then run or fly away. But standing still for hours on end can be extremely demanding. The solution? A hunting blind or tree stand! A hunting blind provides shelter for hunters and gives them the perfect camouflage, so they can take the time to aim their weapon without the risk of scaring away their intended prey. A ladder or tree stand also allows hunters to stay away from their prey’s line of sight, in addition to reducing human odours at ground level and providing a 360° view of the surrounding area. Find out what type of blind (A-frame, laydown, etc.) or stand your loved one needs based on the game hunted and the level of comfort required, and give a gift that will make every hunting outing much more comfortable.

A hunting backpack

Whether they are walking all day using game calls to find their prey, or heading to a hunting blind first thing in the morning to spend the day looking out for the perfect catch, all hunters need to take a good backpack with them. Choose a waterproof one with plenty of pockets so they can keep everything they need right at their fingertips, from an odour eliminator spray to a hunting knife, some gloves, a few snacks and a water bottle.

Discover the list of essentials to bring in a hunting backpack in our blog article.

A gun lock to ensure even more safety

A gun lock is a small-sized gift that makes a perfect stocking stuffer. It is an indispensable tool that allows for the safe locking of firearms, thus providing safety, protection and peace of mind in one single little gift.

A gun safe

No matter the type, hunting weapons need to be stored safely. And seeing as a gun safe is quite expensive, it can be the ultimate hunting gift. Options include key or combination locks, and there are different sizes and shapes available to cater for various hunting gun or shotgun models. Those with a smaller budget can choose from a selection of gun locks for an alternative way to keep weapons safe.

A hunting knife to be ready for anything

Every seasoned hunter should carry a good knife, as hunting goes beyond stalking and harvesting a prize. A hunting knife is a practical and versatile tool that can be used for several different tasks such as butchering or cutting branches or rope. For even more versatility, Leatherman’s multi-tools gather a wide range of practical tools into one compact object that’s perfectly tailored to hunters’ needs. Whether it’s a path to clear, a shooting lane to trim, equipment to repair or just about anything else, with one of these tools in their pocket, hunters are equipped to handle it all. Select a safe model with an ergonomic handle and a non-slip grip, as well as a blade protector.

A pair of hunting boots, one of the best gifts for hunters

Hunting boots for men

Having cold or wet feet while on a hunting trip can be the difference between having an unforgettable time or just being miserable. To avoid the latter, treat the hunter in your life to a pair of quality hunting boots. How can you choose the right ones? Start by finding out his preferred hunting season so you can determine if boots should be insulated or not. Another criterion to consider: the amount of walking he is likely to do. Hunters who prefer to keep moving all day will need hiking boots, while those holed up in a blind will prefer quality neoprene or rubber boots (such as Muck’s range of models). Brand Rocky also has a wide selection of both hiking and rubber boots.

Hunting boots for women

What’s the main difference between men’s and women’s hunting boots? In short, models made for women tend to be lighter and slightly more insulated. Which will come in handy for those hunting in the early spring or late summer! Have a look at DSG’s 400 Women’s Rubber Boots or Lacrosse’s Alphaburly Pro Women’s Waterproof Boots for some waterproof, insulated and comfortable options.

If you’d like more advice on how to choose the right hunting boots, read our blog article.

Base layers to add a touch of extra comfort to their outing

Hunters, of course, must practise their shot to improve accuracy and skill. But another important technique to master is the art of layering clothes in order to stay warm. This consists of adding base layers of merino wool or breathable synthetic material under a jacket and pants: socks, thin top, tights, a neck warmer, etc. It’s a gift that warms the heart…and keeps a hunter warm from head to toe!

Hunting clothing

Hunting clothing for men

A hunter never has enough hunting clothes! From jackets to hoodies, hats, gloves and everything in between, there are plenty of gift options to suit any budget. But to really hit the mark, go for a waterproof hunting parka. Have a look at Browning’s functional 4 in 1 hunting parka or Connec’s Induction II hunting hooded jacket, both designed to keep hunters warm and dry, whatever the weather.

Hunting clothing for women

Again, there are plenty of options to choose from, and those looking for inspiration should browse DSG’s collection for some great jackets and hunting clothing for women. Their parkas and hunting pants in particular are designed to protect hunters from the wind, rain, mud and light snow. In short, it’s everything they’ll need to have a pleasant expedition and ensure they don’t come home cold or soaked through!

Read our article for additional tips on making the best choice of hunting clothes.

Cleaning supplies to enchant those who love to keep things squeaky clean

The key to making sure that hunting (or outdoor) equipment lasts a long time? Keeping it well maintained by dusting and polishing it often so that it always looks brand new! So why not offer your loved one a cleaning kit or supplies so he or she may continue to hunt for many years to come? Choose from a wide selection of products and accessories designed specifically for the cleaning and maintenance of hunting equipment.

A rifle scope

This high-precision accessory is not essential for hunting, but it can certainly make the experience more enjoyable. Rifle scopes are quite easy to use and enable hunters to shoot more accurately, thus increasing their chances of a successful harvest. This may prove to be an expensive gift (depending on the model), but there’s no doubt it will delight your hunting-loving friend or relative! To make your shopping easier, don’t hesitate to ask our in-store specialists for help in choosing the right model and magnification ratio.

A hunting camera

All hunters can benefit from getting to know their hunting territory, as well as the habits and behaviour of the game they’re after. That’s why a hunting camera is an invaluable tool that your loved one will appreciate, whether for hunting moose, wild turkey or any other game. Game cameras allow hunters to gather a wealth of information about their hunting environment and the game found there, a knowledge that will come in handy on every hunt. If you want some guidance, read our blog article explaining everything you need to know about hunting cameras, and begin your search by looking at well-known brands like Spypoint, a true leader in the field.

Game calls or decoys

To harvest, you must of course be able to attract your prey. That’s why the perfect hunting gear kit often includes game calls and decoys. In fact, hunters are well advised to own several versions of these two accessories and even to combine them for maximum realism (and effect!) Both therefore make excellent gift ideas for hunting enthusiasts who are looking to upgrade or expand their gear kit. With game calls, the idea is to closely mimic the sounds of the hunted species or its prey. You can choose from several types of calls, depending on which game your loved one prefers to hunt. With decoys, it’s a visual lure that’s used to attract prey. Choose models that are as close to reality as possible and, again, adapted to the species your beloved hunter will be going after.

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