The Best Gift Ideas for Unstoppable Hunters


November 05, 2021


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Hunting Gift Ideas

You want to find the perfect gift for the hunter you know, but you have no idea where to start when it comes to this lesser-known field? Get inspired by our 10 gift suggestions for hunters, and create a guaranteed surprise!

Through this article, discover our gift ideas for hunters:

  • A warm jacket
  • Camouflage clothing
  • Base layers
  • A bag
  • A case for a firearm
  • A hunting knife
  • A game call
  • A seat or stool
  • A gun lock
  • A maintenance accessory
  • A gift card from SAIL

Hunting Gift Ideas

Hunting is a technical activity that includes a ton of precise details and subtleties depending on the game that you plan to hunt. To ensure that you hunt down the perfect gift and pick out a unique gift for a hunter, head in store to speak to a Sales Consultant at SAIL to give you a hand in selecting what you need for your hunting enthusiast, according to the type of hunting as well as the conditions in which this sport is done.

1. Offer a warm jacket to the adventurous hunter who heads out even on the coldest of days

You have to be well equipped to be able to spend several hours at a time in the woods, keeping your eyes on the target. Therefore, it goes without saying that wearing a warm hunting coat is a must, but it mustn’t limit your movements. Try and look for a model with a hood, made from synthetic materials that allow sweat to evacuate and that’s armed with a waterproof membrane that resists bad weather. A guaranteed success of a gift!

Shop – Hunting jackets

2. Camouflage clothing so as to go unnoticed

Of course, hunters need to camouflage themselves and avoid too much movement. Since hunting buffs can never have too much camouflage clothing, why not opt for a winning combo and offer an orange vest and tuque?

Shop – Camouflage clothing

3. Base layers to add a touch of extra comfort to their outing

Now, of course hunters need to practice their shot, but they also need to use the layering technique in order to stay warm. consists of “layering” either merino wool or synthetic, breathable material that act as base layers under a jacket and pants: socks, thin top, tights, a neck warmer, etc. It’s a gift that warms the heart…and keeps a hunter warm from head to toe!

Shop – Base layers

4. A bag to fit in all the gear

Your loved one will surely need a bag to bring along personal belongings as well as gear. Consider a spacious, durable tote or duffle, and a small camouflage bag that will allow for your favourite hunter to carry along ammunition and other accessories.

Shop – Hunting bags

5. A case for a safely stored firearm at all times

There are many soft or hard cases from which to choose that will allow your favourite hunter to store away his or her firearm and to protect it from dust when it isn’t being used and to facilitate its transport during the next expedition. Prices for gun cases vary, so you’ll be sure to be able to stay within budget for the gift that you select.

Shop – Fiearm cases

6. A hunting knife to be ready for anything

Every good hunter should have a good hunting knife, as the experience is far from being done after capturing the prize. It’s a practical and versatile tool that can be used for several different tasks, such as butchering or cutting branches or rope. Select a safe model with ergonomic handle and non-slip grip, as well as a blade protector.

Shop – Hunting knives

7. A call to attract different types of game

Before hunting, you’ve first got to attract the beasts. That’s where calls come in handy – they’re an ally you can’t pass up. Think of giving a game call as a useful gift that will surely make the person who receives it happy.

Shop – Game calls

8. A seat or stool to bring some practicality into the mix

Hunting requires a lot of patience and waiting, and can sometimes become uncomfortable. Prevent it by offering  a retractable stool, inflatable cushion, or foldable chair for him or her to sit comfortably and focus all attention on the most important thing: the prize. Also think of offering a heating jacket or pillow, a very practical item in cold weather.

Shop – Heating accessories

9. A gun lock or safe to ensure even more safety

A lock is a small gift that is perfect as an additional stocking stuffer. It’s an indispensable tool that adds security as well as peace of mind. Lock gun safes and be worry-free!

Shop – Gun locks

10. A maintenance accessory to enchant those who love to keep things squeaky clean

What’s the key to keeping your hunting equipment (or outdoor gear) for a long time? Good maintenance with frequent dusting and shining so it always looks brand new! So, why not offer a cleaning kit or accessories to your friend so that he or she may continue to hunt for many more years to come?

Shop – Firearms cleaning accessories

Bonus – A SAIL gift card

Still having a hard time deciding on the perfect gift for the hunter on your holiday list? Why not offer a gift card which is sure to please, at the amount of your choice and let your loved one shop online or in store.

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