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31 Father’s Day gift ideas for outdoorsy dads


May 25, 2023


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Father and son going on a picnic

Father’s Day is an opportunity to show your dad how much he means to you. It can also be a perfect time to share your mutual love of the outdoors. Celebrate Father’s Day 2023 by doing something special to treat your dad, grandpa or father-in-law.

We are here to help with our comprehensive Father’s Day gift ideas list. Check out our 2023 selection of equipment and accessories that are bound to please every adventure-loving dad.

In this article, you will find our best gift ideas for Father’s Day 2023:

  1. Gift ideas for camping enthusiast dads
  2. Gift ideas for outdoorsy dads
  3. Gift ideas for stylish dads
  4. Gift ideas for dads who like fishing
  5. Gift ideas for dads who like hunting

Gift ideas for camping enthusiast dads

Does your dad take every chance he gets to escape in nature? Here are our gift ideas for camping enthusiasts who like to sleep under the stars.

An insulated bottle for camping and hiking

Every camping or hiking aficionado needs a good insulated water bottle. If your father is eager to head to the woods whenever he can, you now have the perfect gift idea.

Hydro Flask’s wide mouth insulated water bottle is hard to beat in that area. The stainless steel bottle has a capacity of almost one litre to quench even the biggest thirsts on the trails.

If your dad enjoys drinking a cold one or a fresh beverage after he’s done setting up camp, gift him the YETI Rambler slim can insulator. He will undoubtedly appreciate the thought and think of you anytime he sips a crisp, bubbly drink on a hot sunny day.

A camping stove or BBQ

Good grills and slow-cooked meals outdoors make camping all the better. Barbecues and stoves are high in the ranking of the best Father’s Day gift ideas! If your dad is already geared up on that front, think of getting him some other camping cooking essentials.

Traeger’s Ranger pellet grill is an outdoor cooking staple that your dad will love for sure. The Ranger gives precise temperature control thanks to its Digital Arc controller, meat probe, and Keep Warm mode. Your favourite camper will be able to cook a real feast, no matter where he sets up camp.

Every year, Coleman’s two burner stove makes the list of great gifts for camping-loving dads. A propane cylinder and a match are all it takes to light up the stove and fuel the two adjustable burners for over an hour. Perfect for preparing satisfying meals after a long day of hiking or fishing.

A camping cooler

A good camper must learn to deal with the cold. Having the ability to keep food and beverages cold – even through sunny days and warm weather – is a necessity. The best solution for that is a convenient and perfectly insulated camping cooler.

The Dayventure soft-sided cooler from Pelican is an ideal Father’s Day gift for dads who camp with their families. It has ample capacity (almost 9 L), sturdy materials and technologies that make it watertight and durable, and it will keep drinks cold for a long time.

SAIL’s Ice Peak soft-sided cooler has everything you expect from a cooler: a wide 5.5 L main compartment, waterproof zippers and insulation to keep all it holds perfectly cold. Your dad can pack a few drinks – perhaps some you will enjoy together by the water!

Gift ideas for outdoorsy dads

A multi-tool or knife

Any dad who fishes, hunts or camps (or maybe even does all three!) must have a knife or multi-tool in his pocket. Good for you because these also make a wonderful Father’s Day gift!

Leatherman’s FREE T2 multi-tool is pocket-sized yet highly functional. It packs a total of eight tools, including a 3.3-inch blade (8.4 cm) and a Phillips-head screwdriver. Sturdy as it is, the FREE T2 is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Some dads positively spend more time outside than indoors. If that sounds like yours, then he is worthy of a top-of-the-line multi-tool. Leatherman’s FREE P2 boasts an impressive 19 tools, all easily accessed with one hand. A product of decades of development, it is also unrivalled in terms of durability.

A hiking backpack

Is your dad a hiker or an avid walker? Does he still rely on his same old worn-out bag? Look after his back: give him a new hiking backpack so he can pursue his outdoor adventures and carry everything he needs with him.

If your dad is more of a rudimentary, low-tech gear type, he will love the sleek and timeless style of the Recon 30 L backpack from The North Face. This bag is convenient and just as useful on the trails as on the city streets. It is also a most comfortable option for your father’s back with its FlexVent suspension system certified by the American Chiropractic Association.


Osprey’s Talon 11 is a tried and trusted hiking backpack. It has a hydration reservoir sleeve, optimal breathability, trekking pole mountings and an array of handy features. Give it to your dad on Father’s Day, and it will undoubtedly be used on many day hikes and bike rides to come.

A pair of hiking boots

When you have a passion for hiking, you should always take good care of your feet. With the right pair of hiking boots, even the most remote, elevated and hard-to-reach locations become accessible. Keep that in mind for your Father’s Day 2023 gift hunt!

The Targhee II Mid hiking boots from Keen are famous for their unparalleled comfort and traction on the trails. They are also waterproof, a quality that year-long hikers truly appreciate. With this pair of boots on his feet, your dad will be equipped to handle any trail in every season – i.e., not far from unstoppable! If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving well beyond Father’s Day, these sturdy, long-lasting boots are the way to go.

If you want to offer your dad maximum comfort on his long-distance hikes, there is good reason to choose the X-Ultra 4 Gore-Tex boots from Salomon. This pair is equipped with Advanced Chassis™ moulded inserts, which provide strong support with no compromise on flexibility and mobility. Add to that a Gore-Tex membrane and water-repellent properties, and you can be sure these boots will get your dad excited to go hiking no matter the weather.

A GPS Watch

Many runners, hikers and other explorers have one thing in common, wrapped around their wrists: a GPS watch. Does your dad have a taste for adventure? No doubt he’ll appreciate this Garmin Instinct GPS watch. Reliable and ultra-resistant, it has everything he needs to monitor his active life: GPS, heart rate tracker, comfortable autonomy in GPS mode, sleep analysis… Whatever his activities, your dad will be able to collect a whole heap of data!

Garmin GPS Watch

Gift ideas for stylish dads

A shirt or sweater

As long as you know your dad’s taste in clothing, a sweater or shirt is always a good Father’s Day gift idea.

Why not get your dad a piece of art for Father’s Day 2023? Take a look at the Borealis organic cotton t-shirts created in collaboration with Canadian artist Édith Boucher. Two illustrations are available, so you can choose one that will really speak to your dad!

If your dad’s clothing tends to be on the low-key side, make sure your Father’s Day 2023 gift is something that will never go out of style. The Unity long sleeve t-shirt from Billabong is stylish and versatile, with sleeve details that add a modern touch. Its round neck and soft screen print will keep your dad comfortable when he’s out exploring the outdoors.

A hoodie

Hoodies are the ultimate casual piece of clothing, equally suited for fall hikes and chilly camping nights by the fire. With its relaxed fit and kangaroo hand pocket, the Fifty Two pullover hoodie from O’Neill is perfect for wearing in the outdoors. Screen print details on the front also give it a summery feel; very fitting for the upcoming season!

Another option is the Tentree Ten pullover hoodie. Made from organic cotton, it is incredibly comfortable and sustainable to boot. Your dad will also be happy to know that his Father’s Day gift comes with ten trees being planted somewhere in the world, which is what Tentree is committed to doing for every item sold.

A pair of shorts

Convenience, versatility and easy maintenance: the Salty Crew Drifter 2 shorts have all the qualities to become a staple in your dad’s wardrobe. Their standard fit and quick-drying properties make them an excellent fit for nautical activities or relaxed days by the water.

Is your dad’s style stylish and casual at the same time? If so, you can’t go wrong with the Mission Ridge Shorts from Toad and Co! Available in two colours, these khakis are a great combination of 100% organic cotton chino cloth and stretch fabric – all for maximum comfort. With their UPF 40+ sun protection and regular fit, they’ll make your dad eager to go out and explore a new trail.

Gift ideas for dads who like fishing

In Quebec and Ontario, Father’s Day 2023 comes right in the middle of this fishing season. If you have a dad who enjoys fishing for brook trout or walleye, we have a few fishing-oriented gift ideas for you!

Fishing clothing

There is such a thing as clothing designed specifically for fishing. Case in point: Columbia’s PFG collection. With UPF 50 sun protection and a comfortable, classic fit, the PFG Blood And Guts shirt is likely to become your dad’s go-to when he goes on fishing trips.

Also part of the Columbia PFG collection, the Terminal Tackle fishing pullover hoodie is a must for your dad’s long fishing days in the sun. Breathable and quick-drying, it will also protect your favourite angler from the sun’s harmful rays with its hood and UPF 50 protection.

Here’s an idea that’s not quite as stylish as a nice shirt, but much more essential if your dad is a trolling enthusiast: a Mustang PFD! The Fisherman Inflatable PFD is the ultimate flotation device, designed with anglers in mind. This is just the gift to inspire your dad to spend even more time on the water!

A rod & reel kit

If your dad is a novice angler or wants to get into fishing, you can nudge him in the right direction by gifting him a brand-new rod and reel kit.

Does your dad enjoy, or plan to try, casting a fishing line? Put a smile on his face with the Quantum Code spinning rod and reel combo. The reliable reel and sensitive, durable rod will set him up for a future filled with great catches and happy fishing days.

The 13 Fishing Kalon A Defy Black spinning rod and reel combo is another solid choice. Suitable for beginners – and good enough for seasoned anglers – this dynamic duo will help your dad catch plenty of fish.

A sonar

A fishing sonar has the power to take your angler dad’s passion even further – and it is a great choice of gift for Father’s Day 2023!

Any fishing enthusiast would be happy to receive a Hummingbird PiranhaMAX 4 PT portable fishfinder. This innovative sonar stands out due to its larger colour LCD and easy-to-use interface. It will become your dad’s favourite fishing companion!

In the same range, Garmin’s Striker Vivid 4cv fishfinder with GT20-TM transducer is also a safe bet. Its clear and colourful display lets you see bottom structure with great detail, and the GT20-TM transducer improves performance to maximize catches. With this tool in his gear kit, your dad will always be in the right place to cast his line.

Gift ideas for dads who like hunting

Having a dad who is into hunting can really narrow your search for the perfect Father’s Day gift. Here are some ideas that are sure to hit the target.

A hunting camera

A hunting camera is a precious tool for hunters, allowing them to get an unparalleled grasp of their environment. There’s no doubt this Father’s Day 2023 gift idea will be a hit!

The Fusion X hunting camera from Stealthcam is perfect for hunters and anyone who likes to observe nature. Thanks to its impressive resolution (up to 26 mp for photos and 720 p for videos), this hunting camera can capture wildlife movements with outstanding precision.

Spypoint’s Solar-Dark hunting camera is as complete as a non-cellular camera can get. The many built-in technologies make it a fine piece of equipment for hunters who want to take full control of their surroundings. Your dad will most certainly enjoy the pictures he will uncover, either shot by day or by night!

A baselayer

Hunting trips can be tough on a hunter’s body, especially when spending hours outside and facing harsh weather conditions. One way to make it better is wearing a good baselayer!

The QuickDry underwear pants from Hypnose are built for those days when hunters tackle the most inclement weather. Made from a light, stretchy, and breathable material, they are a great addition to every outdoor enthusiast’s gear kit… and yet another brilliant gift idea for fathers who hunt in Quebec and Ontario.

To help your father stay warm on cold hunting days, get him the Squall long sleeve baselayer, also made by the Canadian brand Hypnose. From anti-odour technology to quick-drying properties and breathability, this garment has many features that come in handy during cold-weather outdoor activities. Your dad will never want to go hunting without it!

A hunting backpack

For your Father’s Day 2023 gift, why not choose a good and sturdy basic like a hunting bag? This essential item very convenient item that proves essential for anyone hunting in Quebec or Ontario.

Browning is a legendary brand in the hunting world, and its Wicked Wing hunting backpack lives up to its reputation. It has enough room for your dad to store a fair amount of gear, and enough pockets and compartments to organize it all perfectly. Sturdy, comfortable, and convenient… this bag is a true essential.

Bruiser’s Gear Fit Pursuit hunting bag is also loaded with practical details and useful compartments for hunters who want to have all their gear at hand. Ideal for use in ground blinds, it will easily carry all your dad’s gear thanks to its many pockets. That’s one less chance of forgetting items when leaving for a hunting trip!


Father’s Day 2023 is fast approaching, both in Quebec and Ontario. Do you spend weeks searching for the perfect gift? Or are you more of the last-minute type? Either way, our list of Father’s Day gift ideas gives you plenty of options! Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!


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